Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Now a little front step fun!

My kids LOVE watching cars and people walk by so as this weather warms up, I have a feeling we'll be doing this little activity more and more often.  They are instructed to stay on the top step - although you can certainly see Miss Lucy pushing her limits (as usual).  But they are like two little best friends / peas in a pod that really do enjoy hanging out!

Yes yes...Lucy has ONE sock'll notice the other just behind  Not sure why or how that came off but it remained off until bedtime. 

Thing 1

and Thing 2

This was from my room - where I had the window open but was folding was a very nice little lookout spot :). 

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A little backyard fun (with DAD!)

There aren't many days where we get to just lounge around with Brogs at home anymore.  Thanks to home projects and work related things and travel and, getting to play around for hours on end just doesn't happen a lot.  But this past Sunday it did and we took full advantage of the man we love being home.  The kids just gravitate towards him when they get this kind of time.  :).  Oh and be sure to scroll down and check out the new fence he put up for me to keep my kiddos and the dog IN the yard!! It's such a blessing!!

Umm....can you tell I was trying TRYING to get a good picture of him smiling?!?! He was in such a joy-ful mood! I wanted to capture it...

The new fence! (below)

Stay Marvin!! STAY!

Everyone love on Raegan!

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Tackling Spring 2013 like champions!

My phone-uploader says these were from April 26th (I should remember that seeing as it was four days ago).  This was literally the first day of warm weather and dry enough conditions to get outside to a park (for us anyways).  So we took FULL ADVANTAGE!  We hung out at the first park in the morning for a solid two hours and then finished the afternoon with three hours up at Irvine Park & Zoo.  Such a great day! Rae got her first time in a swing checked off her list and Lucy (still) loves to swing as well.  I'm pretty sure she spent 75% of the time swinging and it is very apparent she is NOT A FAN of the slides...but Keller loves it all!

This fish hat has been a required accessory for a few weeks...I wonder how long it will last... :) 

Swinging sisters!

Keller has tackled ALL of the parks climbing apparatus'

Gotta get a snack!

Darn reflections - there is a tiger...literally right there.

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I'll just! (Lucy)

As we were leaving Broghan's office one day - Lucy declared that she was tired and since she didn't want to get in the car - she opted to climb up on the table and pronounce that she was going to take a nap.  Goofy little girl. :) LOVE HER!

She also declared one day (while I was in the laundry room doing laundry and I believe that comforter was about to be put into the washer) that she wanted to nap down in the laundry room all rolled into the down comforter.  She actually stayed in the laundry room (in our basement) by herself for a solid 5 minutes.  She is hilarious!

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Such a tired baby!

Apparently I missed the cue that Rae was tired...and she is such a quiet baby - she just dozed off without making a peep!

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Just baby Rae being a baby...

Okay - photo bombs of all of the pictures I've taken of Raegan this past month.  BOOM!

Might be my fave (above)!

I could just eat her up!

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