Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A moment to breathe.

A whole month has past and this blog has sat neglected, yet again.  This time though, I haven't even had a moment to consider blogging.  A lot has been going on (as with most people this time of the year) but for us, it's been more personal life stuff than just holidays. (the good kind of stuff so no worries!)

Anyways, as it's a start to a new year I wanted to take a moment and reflect back on everything from 2010 and remember how blessed this last year was.  Let's see what I can remember.

In the early months of last year we were busy coaching hockey and in terms of what we did, I can't really think of anything else but again, but I'm not surprised since last year, the hockey team we coached played almost 6 nights a week! So much for little ones.  However, I did spend a lot of time trying to figure out where I wanted to take my 'career'.  This was when I discovered my interest Doula work and since then I've completed all of my training.  I also have set up a website to advertise myself and have made connections with other moms and mom's group in the area to hopefully get the word out about doulas.  I have attended one birth since finishing my training and it really solidified for me that being a doula is something I not only really want to do but something I am actually quite good at.

Into the spring months we did some traveling -- Keller & I took a fun 22 hour trip to San Diego, CA and back -- and sadly, I had to experience the loss of an amazing friend and sister, Miss Annie O'dell.  She still crosses my mind daily and I'm grateful for everything she gave to our world.  I was just thinking today that she must have had a great time ringing in the New Years in Heaven...getting to witness each of the time zones across our world celebrating.  Holidays were always special with her :).

Last summer was a fun one.  We spent a lot of time outside and I planted my first vegetable garden.  Keller was a lot more active last summer and it was fun spending time with him at pools and at the beach, although not so fun when he'd eat the sand!  We enjoyed our first 4th of July here in Eau Claire, WI and although Broghan & I enjoyed everything, Keller wasn't much of a fan and we watched the fireworks while en route back to the car.  Still a great night!  This summer was also our first full season of races.  Last year, as a resolution or more of a goal, I set out to complete 3 5K's, 1 10K, 1 Half Marathon and 1 Triathlon.  I'm glad and proud to say I accomplished all of that along with a 2nd 10K called the Muddy Buddy race with my sister Anna.  It was awesome and I'm fairly certain I'll be in condition by this summer to do it again!

From summer and into the fall we got to celebrate a lot of unions between many of our friends and had fun attending their multiple weddings all 'wedding season' long.  I believe the first one was sometime in June and the last wasn't until October!

Finally, fall brought about a different plan for us.  I found out in early September that I was pregnant again, and it was nice to know that this time, it was not a shocking surprise.  I had wanted to be pregnant and lo and behold, I was! By this time, Keller was walking and creating new challenges for us all the time.  Thankfully, this past fall we got really good at our bed-time routine and we are now to a point where all it takes is a bath, diaper change, hug/kiss and a little snuggle and then he lays himself down and falls asleep.  Hard work has definitely paid off!  Anyways, he had fun this fall playing outside in the piles of leaves we continuously raked into piles and yes, we actually did dress him up for Halloween AND went trick-or-treating...(haha only to two neighbor's houses though).  He did help hand out candy though.

Late fall and holiday season began and so did more changes in our family.  On Nov. 15th I went to work at the clinic Broghan worked at as their front desk/office manager (the other one left for a full time job) and so this meant that me, Broghan AND Keller were all at his office almost 12 hours MWF and at least 4 hours T, TH.  Ugh, poor child but he has adjusted quite well to being there and we've somehow managed to keep our patients coming back even with a 1 1/2 year old holding their hands through their adjustments!

Almost exactly a month after I began working there, Broghan & I became our own bosses after we purchased the clinic on Dec. 16th, 2010.  That was the first day we officially treated patients at Reilly Chiropractic! ( - you can also find it on twitter, facebook, youtube & linkedin)  We're now business owners and employers.  We hired our first helper (for the afternoons M-F) two weeks ago and it feels like she is set enough to be there without me so starting Monday, I won't be working afternoons (yea!).  Our second helper (for the mornings MWF) will be starting Monday as well but I'll still be coming in those days for a least the first two weeks (if not more) to make sure she gets trained in as well as can be.

Outside of the clinic purchase we've enjoyed many trips to visit family these past few months including deer hunting (Broghan got bucks in both bow & gun season!), Thanksgiving, a fun trip over to Green Bay for a Packers game, visits from Grandparents, and Christmas festivities.  Keller was a trooper through all of it and has really shown his resiliency in being dragged about by his parents!  I'm really hoping this next little one is the same way!

All in all I have to say that 2010 was a pretty great year.  I could have done without the loss of Annie (as everyone else would agree) but I'm glad her battling is done and in my heart I just can't help but believe she's with God, and what better place to be right?  I really have high hopes for 2011 though and although April last year was very hard, I'm really hoping April this year will be one for the record (a full term birth of a healthy little baby!!)  I hope everyone enjoyed their NYE and I'm looking forward to more time to keep all of you updated on our life, business, and baby news!