Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

First Day of School Pictures

We started back to school early here so I apologize that my posts are going in reverse order. The kids officially went back on September 2nd. Keller started 1st grade and Lucy 4K. For some reason or another we were offered busing this year and I am super excited to take advantage of it. So far, it has made us be much more efficient and organized in the morning and it takes a lot of pressure off of me to be to the school 3Xs a day. They are both still at Montessori here in Eau Claire and it's been nothing but a positive experience for them both so far.  The full bus video is at the end. :)

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Labor Day - Sugar Island

Each year some family friends (Bruce and Jill) throw a huge pig-roast party at the home on Sugar Island, MI. It is at the very very top of the UP, literally looking across the river at Canada. And each year, they invite us. Finally, this year we were able to make the trek north (nearly 9 hours) and had such a blast. The weather was pretty ideal and the rain held off until the day we were leaving which soften the blow of having to actually leave. The theme of their party was Christmas, so that might help explain some of the photos you'll see down farther on the post :).


The trip there. This was probably a first where we decided to actually stop around mid-night and stay at a road-side inn to sleep. Typically we just push through the night, but I think we're officially getting old and can't handle it. So sleep wins!

Making our own breakfast on the go.

Locked and loaded. :)

The sign for the lighthouse we stopped at. 

Family selfie! (thanks Keller)

Can you see Rae??

"I believe I can fly...."

The "sand" was ALL seashells! It was a weird/different sensation to walk on these. 

We had to scale a small mountain of rocks to get to the water. It was a nice way to break the monotony of driving. :)

Surprise surprise, Rae is in the water. Just thankful she didn't get naked.

Just before the end of the UP we stopped at a rest stop...this was the sign there about Sault Ste. Marie

On the ferry! (it was literally 2 minutes...kind of confused why they don't just build a bridge??)

There was a lot of down time here at Sugar Island and somehow, I was able to just hang out on the docks with Marvin and snap some pictures :) 

The dock leading back up to the house.

Representing out here in MI! GO PACK GO!

Always thankful when Bob and Janet bring the boat. Skiing and swimming was a ton of fun!

That little flag behind Keller is Canadian. :)

And now for the Christmas Show!

Oh Rae....

They had an awesome pond where we caught frogs. Here Elsa is freezing everything..

The queen and me.

She laid I laid down..

There may have been some grown up drinks being had that night.... ;)

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