Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

last fling on the water...

Even though the tempuratures are still hitting the 90's, the water here likes to accumulate a nice thick green layer on the surface....its really pretty...NOT! Add to that the colder mornings and evenings which equal colder water temps and three packed weekends in a row means no more days spent lounging in the sun on the lakes or river.  The pictures are from our last hurrah....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

There will come a down-side...

This thought just hit me as I sit peacefully checking facebook and my other online communicates that even though my house looks like an official disaster area....I've got a darn good life.  More often than not I become aware of how well our kids play together and are able to entertain themselves.  I don't ever really run into battles to sleep, eat, bathe, or buckle.  I have a great home, reliable cars & a "new" boat. A ridiculously attractive husband who spends his days balancing between financially supporting us while also still diligently fulfiling the roles of my best friend and the kids' dad. As a unit we have plenty of clothes, toys, entertainment, food, friends, supportive family members, and we're healthy way more than the random virus or cold.  Of course there are occasional mishap (I broke our lap top two days ago...but we think a warranty will cover it) and meltdowns (most caused by hunger or tiredness and solved by talking or food). I'm just having a moment, an overwhelming moment, of gratitude for how good I've got it.  Which is great, but at the same time am realizing that life is an up-and-down, constantly in motion, pentulum.  I fear I'm on the up-est of up's and the downward slope is looming. A crazy feeling to say the least.  And when I take a step back to view our timeline of life, I know we've had some major lows...and the idea of repeating those (at least on the emotional level) is a bit terrifying.

I know there are an in-numeral amount of sayings, phrases and cliches about living in the moment, enjoying the present and so on and I also believe at a base-line level that God has it covered, even if that includes something I personally horrid, annoying, frustrating, or unimaginable....which does provide comfort.

I'm not really sure where to go with this thought except to say that not only has my life been blessed with love, comfort and (mostly) ease recently, but also with the awareness of it all.

Until Next Time..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Como Zoo - Photos

Enjoying the water in MO...Photos

First Ocean Experience! Photos

Indianapolis Children's Museum - Photos