Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sleep Training: Toddler Edition

I've shared many times over that our family thrives only when everyone gets plenty of sleep.  I don't even want to consider what my children would or could be capable of if they were consistently over-tired.  I've also written about my go-to book for figuring it all out.  It's called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" (HSHHC) and it is just that.  It gives you examples and case studies of sleep problems and the solutions as well as what sleep patterns children SHOULD be exhibiting.  It does give ideas on training styles but it emphasizes that it isn't so much the style that matters but the consistency of that style that creates positive sleep habits.  And how awesome would it be to have children that never fight you at nap and/or bed time? kids aren't like that.  Not usually.  Don't get me wrong, I think I win our sleep battles most of the time, but it usually is a battle (at least with Keller) to get him down.  Some days we end up with one nap, but my kiddo is one of those that definitely should be getting two naps and a full nights rest to boot.  He's like his dad in that way.  

As of lately, we've woken up to Keller in our bed practically every morning.  Usually around 3AM he stumbles in and I'm not able to exactly get up and put him back since I co-sleep with Lucy, so he just gets pulled up and plopped in between me/Lucy and Broghan.   We also deal with cries/screams and constantly having to put him back into his bed when we're initially getting him to sleep.  

Anyways, since having Lucy I've had my HSHHC book out and have been brushing up on what her sleep cycle should be like right now at 3 1/2 months.  Mind you, I've probably almost read every page of this book already but for some reason when I read the section on Tantrum...even after reading it a second time just didn't click in my head that THAT was what we were dealing with at bed time.  Keller was throwing tantrums but I just thought for some reason that wasn't what it was.  Who knows.  I was delusional. haha.  So this past week I've made up my mind and took the suggestions of the book and have since began the process of "elimination" of the tantrums.  The idea is pretty stop reinforcing the tantrums and ignore it all.  The execution is a bit more complicated being a mom and all and hating to hear your child scream and bang on a door.  

HOWEVER, four days into it and by golly I think we're on a good path here.  I just walked Keller into his room and laid him in his bed (wriggling and screaming all the way), kissed him and explained that it was nap time and he needed to stay in bed.  Of course he crawled out of bed as soon as I closed the door, but within TWO minutes he was back up in his bed and quiet.  So amazing!  We're getting so close to being able to just lay him down and him fall asleep on his own.  It makes me excited. :). 

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picture Update

Seriously, everyone who is a mom of two I fall to my knees in praise of you being able to keep up with your blogs.  I think lately, even though I'm starting to find myself with more "free" time (not exactly free...but moments where both kids are either sleeping or entertained or a mixture of the two) I start to feel this bloggers remorse.  I'm not even sure if it's real but I correlate it to something similar to shoppers remorse where when I spend time bogging as opposed to any number of other responsibilities I have I feel bad....guilty.  But here I am doing what I can to update as much as possible in the shortest amount of time...through photos. (it's what everyone likes to see anyways ;) )

Keller helping Grandma and Grandpa Reilly while we were skydiving.

 We went sky diving!!

Hello grandpa!

This was from back in May but Heather came for a visit!

He loves to swim!!

On the way to Missouri for vacation!

So smiley!

My newest babysitters...they are re-doing our road so big trucks and workers are out there everyday entertaining Keller 

On the perch again...

She has found her hand and definitely prefers it over her pacifier...

Don't was Dad's idea and Dad was there the whole time...:)

I thought Keller was being a little too quiet...this is how I found him...

He LOVES her...

Can you see the ear mark he left on her?? Hilarious!

Grandma Randall came to visit! YEA!

Mom & Dad got to hit up Country Jam 2011 - go Zach Brown Band!!

Keller got a girl onto his perch!!

Love love love.

Anyways, there are many more pictures from our vacation and just random ones that I don't have on my computer / camera chip.  Once I corral all of them, I'll be sure to do another picture update!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Finally...back to blogging! It's been a fast few months with new little Lucy in our lives and it feels like we're finally coming out of the newborn phase and into baby-dom.

I'm happy to report that my major issues from before (nursing and the subsequent scream fests Lucy had because of it) have since resolved themselves, just as many of you mom's assured me they would.  I now have a very VERY easy going little girl.  She nurses really well and is content as long as the diaper situation is monitored.  We discovered early on this girlie will not fall asleep soundly in a wet diaper.  She is now officially 3 months old and is right on track for development.

Its funny to notice all of the things that are different with her from Keller.  I was describing to someone the other day how Keller used to be very observant (he still is at times) and just seemed to try to take everything in and figure it all out.  But Lucy, she gaze is much more purposeful.  She intently stares down things and people and has this determination about her that is fun to watch.  It's so awesome to watch how much they learn without me having to actually (on purpose) teach them.  Lucy can now lay on her tummy and push herself up into a cobra position.  She doesn't like to hold it for very long but I believe the next milestone is rolling...which is scary.  For some reason she seems too small.  Keller always felt bigger to me at these young ages, but she seems SO tiny!  I'm assuming its because I've got the constant comparison to her (almost) 2 year old brother.

Other than that, not much to report for little miss Lucy.  She still co-sleeps most nights but I've been impressed with her ability to doze off to sleep in her crib if I lay her down when she's drowsy.  Again, something I don't think I ever accomplished with Keller.  I can't proclaim any type of routine or permanency of this ability, but it's a good starting point for the sleep routine.  However, very similar to her brother, she does wake up smiling and cooing each morning and is starting into the morning nap routine.  I can almost count to the minute that she'll be wanting to doze off again an hour after waking up...beyond that...the sleep cycle changes daily still.

I suppose I should mention (so I don't forget).  She does love to be Moby wrapped on.  I think she could be snuggled in it all day and be happy as a clam!  She also is starting to be able to purposely move her hand to hit a toy that dangles above her in one of her little chairs.  And she has a good time sitting in the Bumbo already (Keller hated the thing so I'm glad to be getting use out of it).

My final point for this small update will be that yes...Keller is still in love with his little sister.  Probably too much in love with her.  He want to hold her, kiss her, grab her feet and hands and poke her little face all the time.  If he could snuggle in bed and sleep with her next to him he would.  I hold no expectations for the future of their relationship but I can envision him being a very protective older brother :).

Until next time...