Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So Far So Good

Wowzer - So I am not even going back to read my last post but I know it was crazy emotional.  Anyways, this one is on a much lighter and happier note.  I took my first Anatomy and Physiology exam today (one of six lecture exams over these 8 weeks of class) and I'm happy to report I got a 96/100 score.  I honestly was hoping and felt as though I did better (I realize 96 is a great score BTW).  I was the first one done in my little group of 7 that signed up for the 8AM exam time and it seemed as though I knew all of the answer (and honestly, I thought I might have gotten one or two wrong) but maybe I mis-read or mis-interpreted more than I thought...oh well. :)

This certainly affirms for me that I'm studying the right way and am comprehending the material well.  I'll keep updates coming as the course progresses.  I'm really enjoying the material as well so I'm hopeful this is a sign that I'm going down the right path for my "career" path.

Until Next Time....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

because this can't / shouldn't go on Facebook!

I feel like I want to cry/throw up/move all at the same time.. :( to read the details of the race and to see the ways people discussed the "hot" topics is really disappointing.  It was reported that Mr. Walker brought in over 30 MILLION dollars for this election - but don't worry folks - it wasn't from those 1.2 million that voted for, no, no it was from his Billionaire and Millionaire buddies who want to keep their money in their pocket at the expense of the poor, the uneducated, the mentally and physically disabled, the sick, the elderly and the young, the parents left alone to raise children,...pretty much everyone that JESUS and GOD calls us to love and care for - what was that whole thing about not storing treasures here on Earth? Maybe Walker skipped that day of Sunday school...

I seriously feel like I could go on and on and on about how it just does not make sense to me that people I know who profess Christianity could vote for a man like Scott Walker.  It makes no sense.  He repealed equal pay, he repealed worker rights, he pushes reforms that would limit all of those groups I listed above.  He gets paid by big business and people who make millions; seriously, its like we are living in a time when the Tax Collectors were revered as the person we should be following instead of Christ.  Do we not remember that Christ was poor?  That he came from little to nothing; that he gave everything for others.  He didn't tell us to do everything we can to pass policies so that we can keep that extra few percentages of money in our own bank accounts.  Ugh. Just makes me sad and sick to see these things happening that do not support the idea of loving others and giving to others and committing yourself to those who are in need.

Anyways, this is just a rant - sorry you had to read it - but like the title says, I can't and shouldn't post this stuff on Facebook - just not the forum for it...

Love to all who read this stuff! lol.

Until Next Time..