Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 28 = HEARTBURN!

Bleh - a few weeks ago I reviewed Lucy's prenatal records and discovered that right around 25 weeks I developed heart burn.  I can vividly remember this and waking up to chug milk (yuk to me) or eat a yogurt or anything literally to settle the acid.  I was excited then when I passed that week and nothing had happened...but oh no, I was just a few weeks behind...because now at 28 weeks the heartburn is here and I believe it's here to stay.  Not for any other reason (in my opinion) than the fact that I have the shortest torso possible! or at least it feels that way.  All of my organs are squished up into my thoracic cavity and my stomach and its acid is getting the final squeeze...sadly, I fear it will only intensify until the day this baby decides to join us out here.  While again, its a minor annoyance in relation to the long list of major issues that can happen during is certainly just that - ANNOYING! On the positive side of this coin though, the best remedy I've been able to find is/are dairy products...which means ice cream (actually I eat the almond or coconut kinds..), milk, cheese and yogurt are back in business in my diet for a while (which is a yum-yum-yum combo) but of course...even that has as downside (darn you asthma!).  Ahh..who can't wait for December? THIS GIRL!

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Beer Cheese Soup!

Like they say - MMmmm Mmmm GOOD! 

This is blog-worthy because honestly its probably a once-a-year type of treat.  As you may have guessed, we avoid a lot...okay everything except the broccoli in this recipe.  It's butter, flour, broth, beer, cheese, half & half...and yea I think that's it! lol.  What a heavy soup! But it was great and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I will say though, I do need to get better at understanding and not being fearful of simmering a dairy based soup so that the alcohol in the beer actually burns off! NO worries, in the whole batch, it was only one cup of beer...and technically in WI it's legal to have minor drink alcohol with parental I think I'm covered. ;)

Keller's Picture

After snapping so many pictures of Lucy that day, Keller requested to have his photo taken as well.  So here he is!

Messy Marvin!

Our dog's name is Marvin.  The story behind it is that at the time, Broghan insisted that at every meal, I somehow managed to spill food on myself - ending up in the wonderful nickname for me - Messy Marvin.  So when we made the decision to get a dog, Marvin was the obvious choice for a name.  As just as their mother can get messy with food, my little darling children seem to be champions of this habit.  On this day in particular, I had made a greek yogurt, spinach, and frozen mixed berry smoothie that they got to were the results.  Lucy's were the most impressive. :). 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Soon to be 28 weeks! Whoop Whoop!

I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy - other than to complain about it - so I apologize for that.  All in all things are going wonderfully.  A few weeks ago I was starting to have anxiety about it - did I mention in any other posts that the due date for this baby and the due date for Madison are only one day apart?  This means that exactly four years ago, I was exactly this pregnant and come December 1st - I was in the midst of delivering my still born little girl.  It's certainly a head game this time around - more so than the other two pregnancies but thank God those other two pregnancies have happened because if this was #2, I'd probably be going crazy.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, as you may know from my previous post, I was having a lot of lower back issues.  That alone was annoying and a little troublesome since its actually quite abnormal for me in my pregnancies to have any back issues at all.  Add to that the the little bugger in there got really REALLY quiet.  I still felt movements - when I focused and laid down - but they were usually spaced out and annoyingly slight...if that makes sense.  Of course, as children do, it had pushed me literally to the point of drafting a text to my midwife to ask about it all when the energy levels picked up.  I realize now (as I should have then) that this little one was not only sitting in a very odd position (I'm guessing transverse due to the pain and discomfort) but it was also going through a decent growth spurt.

How do I know this you may ask?  Well for one, my belly is now a hard, round, basketball.  I literally cannot bend over to tie my shoes simply for the fact that I cannot breathe when I do it and it feels as though anything in my stomach is going to be heimlich-ed out. Also, the movements I feel now are much more distinct than before and my stomach actually MOVES - which is awesome and weird all at the same time.

So as the title suggests, on Sunday (in one-ish days) I will be officially 28 weeks and in my 3rd and last trimester of this pregnancy.  This is probably my favorite part of pregnancy to be honest.  Just today alone, thanks to wonderful winter clothing and big puffy jackets, I was told by multiple people that they couldn't tell I was pregnant - even though I'm due in 2 1/2 months.  :) What a wonderful thing to hear when in all reality, you feel like a whale.  I also love it because its so incredibly obvious I'm pregnant and due relatively soon.  People are much more forgiving and helpful.  A great example of this is when I have to get Marvin's dog food - its a 44 lbs bag - do-able for me, even now; however, because I have a slight waddle - people automatically insist on carrying it to my car - which I appreciate because 44lbs is still heavy....even when not pregnant!

Also, it is right around this time in pregnancy that I feel I am starting to get a good grasp of the type of baby I am creating.  With my first and second pregnancies I didn't have much intuition in this field - I actually, probably, just took for granted the cycles/rhythms of the babies and the types of movements they made.  And thinking back, even with Lucy I wasn't nearly as tuned into all of it, except to know that she was a night owl and liked to get active whenever I stopped being active.  This pattern still holds true today with her too - she needs way less sleep than Keller ever did and has always had a later bedtime than him at any point in his life.  Now you're probably wondering what this baby is like and I'm happy to report, that I think this baby is a lot like me :).  Laid back and a bit reserved.  Where Keller is laid back and rowdy and Lucy is determined and a good blend of reserved and rowdy; I just feel like this is going to be a calm baby.  Its movements are so fluid and hard kicks are not it's norm.  It's not doing tumbles or giant side to side rolls like Madison did; but it stretches and seems to glide its little hands and feet along the inner walls of its little cocoon. It's also very consistent in its active periods too - which similarly to Lucy tends to be in the late evening hours - so at least this time around, I can prepare myself for a night owl child that depending upon the time of birth may not choose to sleep right away.

I am intensely interested to see if these perceptions change as the weeks progress; which is why I'm finding the need to write about them now.  I also wanted to give a bit of an update on everything.  I promise (to try) to get a pic of the belly bump since I don't have many of those and I do have a midwife appointment tomorrow morning, so I will also update on baby's heart-rates and anything else that might be interesting to know.  So with that...

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keller's new bed..

Okay, not really his new bed, but according to him it was.  He is in a fun phase of toddler/little boy-hood where everything and anything can become everything and anything.  Watching him pretend has been a lot of fun and if I'm lucky I'll be able to sneak some of that play into a video and share it on here.  But in the mean time, I'll snap as many pictures as I can !

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Go Pack Go!

Well we are in full on Packer Season over here in WI.  So here are some pics of the kiddos in their jerseys.  :)

Lucy wasn't too cooperative in the smiling department that day...

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Tessa Visits!!

My dear friend Tessa was able to stop on her way from Minneapolis to Milwaukee to say hi and grab a quick lunch.  I've known Tessa for well...I think 12 years now! Wowzers.. Anyways, we cherish the moments we get to see each other face-to-face and catch up a bit because Ms. Tessa lives in San Diego, CA now - which is where I think she was always meant to be at some point in her life.  :).  Love you Tess!

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Keller hunting with Dad

In the last set of photos there was one of Keller going out hunting with his grandpa Reilly - papa as we refer to him as - however, that hunting expedition took place in a tree stand and on their property.  Still an adventure for Keller but I think this experience beats that one.  First, it was with dad - so of course it was way cool.  Then we were able to find enough camo/green/tan clothes to make him look like a mini-hunter (super cute in mom's eyes).  Finally, he and dad headed up to the Lake Hallie Public hunting land toting their new hunter's chairs (little tri-pod folding's what is in the case they are holding) AND while dad got to carry his bow, Keller got to carry his "gun" (a little pop gun - also in the picture).  

You can see Marvin was hoping to go with, but since they were hunting deer - he wasn't invited.

The final report when they returned just after sundown was that they heard & listened to 5 deer, amazingly saw 2 deer and had a squirrel join them in their blind.  I say it was amazing they even saw deer because our little hunter used his down time sitting in the woods to practice his POPs on his little cap well as discuss the latest issues with dad. ;).  All in all they had a great time!

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