Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The food train begins...

I have had a gut feeling ever since Lucy was born that she'd be "ahead" of the curve for what we experienced with Keller.  Up until this point, that feeling has been correct.  He sat at around 6 mos. Lucy - 5; Keller was always right on for age/size of clothes and Lucy is one set ahead (@ 6mos she was in 9 mos clothes).  Keller cut his first set of teeth around 8-9 months and Lucy cut her just before the 7 month marker.  I chalk most of these differences up to 1) obviously different kids but mostly 2) Keller was early.

So now our next adventure (before the inevitable crawling/walking journey) is food.  I guess with Keller he didn't even show interest in our food until around 10 months old.  He didn't have teeth until just before then but didn't even grab at our plates or spoons really.  Lucy is quite different.  Since around 4 months she's been trying to get to our plates and recently, that interest has become difficult to ignore so we've started our transition to solids.  It will be slow and pretty boring but we've begun.

So far she's gotten to experience sweet potatoes, apples, avocados and bananas.  Oh and the yogurt big brother tried to feed her early on.  We've also let her "snack" on chunks of cucumber, carrots and big pea pods.  She seems eager all around so I'm curious to see how quickly she transitions to food...I'm hoping slowly but who knows!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm having an affair.

Well I am. It's just with a 7 1/2 month old. Haha.  This is seriously all that I could come up with when trying to explain the relationship Lucy and I have formed as of late.  I think she is going through or about to go through a growth spurt since the demand for nursing has been so intense.

Here's why I consider it an affair.

- We spend literally all our free time together.
- I leave my husband during odd hours to be with her.
- I am at her mercy. She calls, I come running.
- Well..there is the nursing relationship (boobs if you don't catch my drift)
- Whenever I go to her at night, I usually don't have a shirt on or I am about to take it off.
- When she is finished with me, she very quickly flips herself over to face the wall and falls asleep.

Hahahaha....okay sorry just had to share this.  It might not be funny to anyone but me. :)