Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss Lucy Ann Update

Hello All!

If you can believe it, little miss Lucy had her 2 month check up yesterday! (8 weeks on Sunday).  So here are some updated stats:

Height: 20 1/4 inches = 3%...she dropped in this but the ped. said it's the most unreliable measurement they do so not to worry.

Weight: 9 lbs. 6 oz = 25%...not quite to the double digits but I'm guessing within two weeks we're there! :)

Head Circ: I don't remember the measurement but it was 50% so right smack in the middle of kids her age.

She's measuring a lot more on the "average" scale than Keller ever did.

Also, we're getting better with the breastfeeding.  We still end up with milk everywhere thanks to a bad habit of breaking her latch every so often, but at least the gagging and choking has figured itself out.  We also have successfully figured out the side-lying position for at night which I am SOO thankful for.

She's definitely becoming less of a newborn as well which is fun to watch.  She makes good eye contact and really enjoys sitting in the bumbo for short spurts of time.  Keller hated it so I'm glad to at least be putting it to good use this time around.  She's also smiling a bit more which, again, is reassuring to me that she could still turn into the laid back little kid similar to Keller.

All in all she's filling out great and growing beautifully.  As every parent feels, I think she is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to see what kind of little personality she has!

Until next time...

Friday, June 3, 2011

get up and DANCE

Just wanted to say that lately we've been keeping the radio on practically ALL day.  It's been a great source of entertainment and background noise and here's to hoping the extra little dance moves I bust out every so often help me to loose this baby weight faster.  15 big LBS to go! and only about 30 days to do it in!! To clarify that point, we're heading to the Lake of the Ozarks, MO for the 4th of July for a 10 day vacation...and most of that vacation will be spent in a swim suit and this momma wants to at least feel comfortable being in a bikini.  I'm not going for being the hottest chick on the lake, but definitely hoping not to have these lovely love handles anymore by that point!

Until next time...

proud parent moments..

I love how Keller is getting to an age where I can just stand and watch him do things and see him learning and growing.  There are so many moments recently where I've just been in awe of how smart he is (or at least I think he's super smart ;) ) and the tasks he's able to accomplish on his own.

Anyways, just one of these proud parental moments just occurred and it re-affirmed to me that we've been doing the right things for our family with this little man.  We were in his room and he climbed up on his bed as I read yet another book (I think that made like 10 for the day).  He was trying to be a little rebel and climb up by his window and I sternly said "NO- You're going to get hurt!" and he whined of course, but got down and stayed down.  But as he whined I said, "Well why don't you go lay your head on your pillow and take a rest".  AND HE DID! He got right up on his pillow, pulled up the covers, and relaxed.  I stayed in his room for a few more minutes getting Lucy strapped in our Moby wrap and as I walked out I said "Ok, you take your nap now and I'll be out here".  And wouldn't you know it...he stayed in bed and when I checked back a few minutes later he was snoozing away. Ahh so proud of my little guy.  And impressively enough, this is nap #2 today.  It's really amazing how much better he behaves when he's had plenty of sleep.

Until next time....

gas = evil

In our house this is a constant battle.  Little miss Lucy struggles with gas! I know it will pass (meaning she'll grow out of it) but I always feel so bad for her when she has a burp waiting to come out, or when I can tell there must be gas bubbles moving through her digestive track.  You can just see the pain in her little face :(.  It's definitely better than it used to be.  She is now coming up on 7 weeks old and while we still end up drenched in milk, the choking on the milk has improved and burping now comes within minutes of nursing as opposed to sometime over the next hour!

Well to end this little post on a positive note, she does sleep a HECK of a lot better than Keller did.  Keller was a 2-3 hr nurser round the clock.  This little chica however, can go two back-to-back 4 hr stretches of sleep at night with just one nursing session in the middle.  It's been AWESOME! I feel like I was so sleep deprived with Keller and it's much better this time around :).  Go LUCY!

Until next time...