Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Friday, May 27, 2011

A handshake.

So I know I'm missing a ton of things that have happened between my last post and this one by I can't NOT post about this because I'll totally forget.  Today is Friday and we (the fam. minus Brogs -- he's in Canada fishing) traveled over to MN today for the weekend.  We met up with my sister Anna at her work for lunch and got to be introduced to many of her co-workers.  As usual, whenever I met a new person I stuck out my hand, they stuck out theres, and we shook hands.  Well....Keller must have been paying attention.  Usually when he meets a new person I tell him to say "hi".  He does this by smiling and waving (usually).  Sometimes we'll get a verbal "hi" but that is not often.  Today, however, for the last two people we met, he scooted towards them slowly and stuck out his little chubby arm and had his hand in a position to shake theirs!! it was SOO darn cute! What an observant little man.  I just cracked up beyond words when I saw him do it.  I can't wait to tell Broghan about it on Monday when he gets back in the country and in range of cell phone service!

Until next time...

The Walking Club FB post

So some of you may have seen on my FB page a reference to my "successful" walking club adventure...well here's my explanation.

I have started a walking club.  Reilly Chiropractic Walking Club to be exact.  And it takes place every Monday & Thursday mornings at 6:30AM until 7AM up in Lake Hallie, WI very near to our chiropractic office.  I decided the starting date was going to be the 3rd week of May and we'd continue until some time in September.

Well...the first day of the club I totally forgot about it until around 6:20AM and then quickly threw on clothes, grabbed Lucy, told Brogs to listen for and watch Keller and high-tailed it the 10 minutes to the park I'd chosen to meet at.  Don't worry, only 5 minutes late, but no one was there anyways.  Ok...and it was rainy and only like 40 degrees so I waited 10 more minutes and drove home.

The next "meeting" I got there 11 minutes late...even after I had started getting ready at 6AM...but I had Keller with and we had to do breakfast and it got a little late...but this time we did do the 30 minutes of walking (and had brought Marvin with too).

The last one I actually made it on time.  Again, I had Keller and Marvin and we did our 30 minutes of walking.  Sadly...the club only consists of me, my dog, and whichever kid I bring with me... So in a way its a success because I'm actually going and doing it...  I like to put it this way.  My walking club is active, our numbers are low...we only have approximately three members depending on your definition of a member. :).  I'm hoping the numbers will be larger by the end of the summer.  At the very least, hopefully Broghan decides its cool enough and joins.

Until next time...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy weather!!

Hello folks! What crazy weather we've been having this weekend.  Sunny, then raining, then windy, then thundering and lightly, tornado watches, then sunny again...repeat!  Regardless, our little family has been able to make the most of the dry patches and have some fun.  Yesterday, once the torential downpouring rain finally stopped around 4PM we got a beautiful blue sky and a nice 70 degree evening to enjoy.  So Broghan hooked up the trailer and we set out to take our first boat ride together.  It went smoothly and the water was calm and great!  Broghan even realed in a (small) northern so the fishing adventure wasn't a complete bust. 

Here are some pics we snapped along the ride.

The life jacket is still a little snug but fits MUCH better than last year!

If this is the end of the world, it certainly looks beautiful ;).

Mom & K-Man

Dad & K-man


Showin' off his cool "Boys will be boys" T-shirt.

You can see here Lucy spent her first boat ride snoozing in her car seat carrier covered by a nice warm wool blanket..

Admiring dad's sweet northern!

Dad's pole came apart...

But let's just zoom in on Keller's face here...He thought it was funny too.. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Veggie Garden of 2011 is a GO!

We spent the day building this above ground/raised veggie garden.  It's permanent (staked into the ground and screwed together) so it's nice to know we won't have to put SO much work in again next year.  But we've got peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, peas, snap pea pods, basil, cilantro, cucumber, rhubarb, lettuce/spinach/red romaine/beets and hopefully some cantelope all coming our way this summer & fall!!

The green stuff on top is our grass clippings that are being used as mulch to hopefully prevent weeds from popping up.  *just FYI*

The ugly side of breastfeeding.

Okay I realize that most of the time when I talk about nursing its all sunshine and flowers talk, but I suppose if the hard parts aren't talked about then new mom's trying it out will think it's just them that struggle.

As we come upon Lucy's 1 month marker, I'm looking forward to nursing getting easier soon.  I had convinced myself that since she wasn't a preemie like Keller and that her initial latching had been good that this was going to be a breeze....but really, no cool drafts over here.

Our problem isn't as often talked about either.  I don't have sore nipples, she does latch correctly, and I do produce enough.  In fact, I produce too much. And even though they are small, apparently my boobies are too strong!  There is a thing with nursing called "let down".  When a baby starts nursing, they get more watery, thinner milk to start with and then its kind of like opening the flood gates and the heavier, more fat dense milk gets going.  Probably your bodies attempt to not be constantly leaking milk.  Anyways, combine an overabundance of milk with a strong let down and my little girl gags, chokes, and struggles through most nursing sessions.  In all honesty, I think I'd be able to handle this part in and of itself.  She gets enough milk and even though I seriously dislike (but understand) when she pulls off and milk is being sprayed all over and I get soaked and she gets soaked OR seeing her gasp for air because she's almost aspirated her milk, I think I'd be okay since I know that part will get better as she gets bigger.  However, the worst part of it all is the aftermath.  Nothing gross don't worry there. Just gas and air bubbles.  This child seriously seems to have the most painful and difficult burps.  We get to listen to her scream and fuss for far too long simply because she has to burp!  Seriously, Keller used to get turned up-right after nursing and he'd belch almost instantaneously. Lucy, my little lady, can be patted, jostled, bounced, turned this way and that, and they just don't come.  Then when they do, it sounds like a grown man's burp! LOTS of air!

When I read up on "over lactation", this was one of the very few issues associated with it so I'm aware that it's probably due to my milk supply issues.  And since she is gulping so much and needing to take so many breaks, a lot of air is getting into her tummy. :/.  SO not fun.  Especially at 2:30 in the morning (like last night!).

All in all I'm somewhat at a loss.  I've been doing a lot of pumping lately and bottle feeding (which I know is okay).  She seems to be happier and obviously not as upset at eating times.  Don't get me wrong, I like nursing her, I just hate to see her struggle and it almost doesn't seem worth it to keep putting her through it all.  I know I'm going to keep at it and keep giving her opportunities to nurse instead of bottle feed, and I know that in a month from now her mouth will be larger and more able to accommodate my overflow....but knowing all of that doesn't fix the problem for today.  Thank God for pumps though.  It looks like me and my big blue case are going to BFF's again this time around!

Until next time...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whose who?

I thought this was a fun comparison of the two little ones.  Can you guess who is who? :)

Keller LOVES Lucy

I know I posted this sentiment earlier but this past week it bordered on ridiculous how much he was infatuated with her.  He wants to hug her and pick her up out of her car seat now.  He needs to touch her hands and feet and ears and nose and lips.  He wants to give her kisses and help put her pacifier in.  And he wants to just lay down next to her and watch her and laugh and giggle at her.  It is so adorable and I snapped some pictures of it happening.  Lucy was taking a nap on the couch and Keller just HAD to be next to her.  Every time I left the living room he would run over to the couch and climb up next to her.  Here are the pics.  And as you can see it was the day when temps reached the high 80's...sadly today, we're back in the LOW 40's!!! BLAH!

Professional Pic Preview of Lucy!

SO DANG CUTE!! I'll put up other ones when I get them next week :).

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy being a Mom Anniversary...

I'm seriously not that big into the Chicken Soup books, but I've been without a good book to read and all of my pregnancy books have been sitting out since being pregnant.  The "Expectant Mother" one was sitting in Keller's room this past week so as I sit and wait for him to fall asleep, I've been reading the stories.  I've been pleasantly surprised at how nice the stories are and since I'm such a birth story fanatic, that parts been fun as well.

Last night while reading there was a part that I wanted to share on here.  It just seemed too good not to post somewhere and it was too long for a Facebook status or a tweet (not that I use my twitter account).

To preface, the story is about mom's celebrating the anniversary of when they became a mom (basically the birth day of their oldest child).

"The anniversary of becoming a mother is one of the few life-changing moments that is rarely heralded. And whether our child is born to us or adopted, motherhood is a choice that permanently alters the way we view ourselves and our universe. It is the moment when we make a commitment to truly care for another human being.  This vow goes beyond words or ceremony: this vow is etched in our cells and knitted into our hearts."

This paragraph just resonated with me so much and I thought it would with other moms as well.

/Plus I think this is such a fabulous idea!! So I'm jumping on this bandwagon and going to begin celebrating my "becoming a mother anniversary".  I won't be throwing a party or advertising it and obviously hallmark doesn't make a card for this day, but it'll be a great reason to give myself a pat on the back and treat myself to something nice...

Until next time..

Monday, May 9, 2011

That just happened..

I needed to get on here to record this momentous occasion.  I got a nap in, while at home - alone - with both kids.  A-MAZING! They both went down at the same time (what luck!) and I was hanging out for like a half an hour then it occurred to me...they both will probably be asleep for at least another 30 minutes, if not longer, so what the heck was I doing?!!? So I napped...and amazingly got just over an HOUR in! That was awesome..:).

Now Lucy is back to snoozing and Keller is being good and self-entertaining. Ahh.

Until next time..

Happy Mom's Day to me!

I didn't want the day/weekend to pass without noting that I had a great mom's weekend.  No big parties or presents but it was exactly what I needed...low key and quiet.  We traveled over to Broghan's parent's house and just chilled there all weekend.  Then met up with some of his extended family for a fun lunch on Sunday afternoon.

The weekend didn't start of with a bang though.  To get to my in-laws house, we experienced what can only be described as the car ride from hell.  Without going on and on about it,  basically both children screamed, cried, kicked, and fought our every efforts to get them to sleep at any point on the 2.5 hr drive.  By the time we got into the driveway at 9:30PM the only thing I could say to Broghan was "I can't handle anyone right now, take Keller and go inside".  I stayed in the car with Lucy for like 10 more minutes...a little shell shocked at how incredibly horrible my little ones had been.  Blah! I'm hoping never to repeat that atrocity.

Anyways, the rest of the weekend (for me) went super easy and calm.  Sadly, I can't say the same for the rest of my family.  Broghan had said on Friday that he was thinking he was starting to get a cold.  Well, Broghan doesn't get "colds" he gets fevers and intense ones at that.  He heats up and sweats out whatever bug he has but it puts him down for the count for at least a day and sometimes a few more.  So he spent the majority of Saturday laying in bed, although he did manage to go turkey hunting at 5AM and to get out into the boat for a little fishing too.  He woke up Sunday feeling "normal" but then today (Monday) it wasn't so "normal" and he actually took the morning off of work (this NEVER I can tell he's hurting).

Onto Keller...somehow he's developed this weird rash-y thing that has just been staying put mostly on his back, but also onto his arms and legs a little...compound that with his runny nose and it seems like he's just got a virus.  Well Sunday he woke up a little crankier than normal (most mornings he's pretty happy) and so I kind of thought maybe he was getting a fever like Broghan...well poor Uncle Cullan was holding Keller at breakfast and so he got the honors of being the first person Keller has ever thrown up on.  It was the first time Keller had thrown up at it caught us off guard.  But he seemed much better afterwards and hasn't really had another other "symptomatic" issues so that's been good.

Then moving onto the last one, little miss Lucy.  Again, not sure what it was or even if it was anything at all but she appeared to have an all over rash as well.  Different from Kellers (Keller's you could feel with your hand when you rubbed his skin...Lucy's you couldn't).  But something was definitely up.  Even though she doesn't sleep the best at night anyways, she SCREAMED all evening long.  My poor in-laws thought this was what we normally go through, but it really was a whacky day for us.  But at 12:30AM she tuckered herself out and slept pretty much until morning.  Today, we're back to normal and no signs of rash so who knows really.

Now that I'm done writing this, I am a little baffled that I can look back on the weekend and be so happy about it, but was a great weekend for me.  lol.  :)  It makes me excited to experience next years mom's day with a 'hopefully' healthy family!

Friday, May 6, 2011

add to that last one..

So I realize its a new day, but I totally thought of (again) a random thought I had yesterday.

I really don't like it when people make a comment to me about "wow, you must have your hands full" or something to that nature when they realize that it's not just me and Keller, but me, Keller and a new baby.  I mean seriously people, it doesn't matter if the mom has one, two, twenty, twins or whatever amount of children.  Any mom has her hands full and we all adjust to what we have and make it work.  And yes, we all struggle at life at times, but every one of us knows we'll survive.  Blah. Its just such a cliche statement it makes me a little bit annoyed every time a stranger says it to me.

Okay, rant over.

Until next time...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick thoughts of the day...

I've had many small thoughts throughout today that don't necessarily warrant their own post.  But I still think its fun to share and record them.

First off, to my little Lucy.  Regardless of how you and your older brother get along later in life.  Know this.  At this moment in time, he LOVES YOU.  Probably more than he ought to because he is constantly trying to touch you and is almost always aware of where you are.  He also does not like it when you cry and especially if mom can't get to you right away.  He cries with you.  And I apologize if you are forever sleep deprived.  Your older brother does not like it when you sleep...or more he does, since it gives him a prime opportunity to find you and try to touch your face, hands, feet, ears and head.  Like I said...he LOVES YOU.

Second, as I was driving home I realized that I miss my shelf.  And by shelf I mean my pregnant belly that acted like a holding spot for any and many of the small objects I usually am shuffling around.  I tried to set my phone down today and just didn't work.  I guess I'm not complaining that my stomach is at least not a round, basketball shape in these postpartum weeks, but I really do miss the availability of something so useful.

Third, I hate ants.  They are super annoying and I've killed two in our house in the last two days.

Fourth, I think my uterus must be uber cozy.  Keller has always been a child who likes to be snuggled into blankets and cozied up on some pillows.  He never did well lying on non-cushioned surfaces.  I think Lucy is the same way.  We cant seem to get her to stay asleep unless she is snuggled nicely into a cocoon of softness.  We have yet to get her to successfully sleep in the bassinet my parents so nicely brought over for her.  She just refuses...ahh but maybe one day.

I think thats all.

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lucy stat updates- 2 weeks

I realized that I had forgotten to post Lucy's updates since being born.  All-in-all everything is going great.  She is growing and behaving just like a 2 weeker should.  But here is the breakdown of how she has measured up since birth.

From our midwives measurements:

At birth: 6 lbs. 1oz & 20 inches long
At 24 hrs: 5 lbs 13 oz (so a 4 oz weight loss)
At 72 hrs: 5 lbs 15 oz (up 2 oz!)
At 13 days: 6 lbs 9 oz (I have a good eater on my hands!)

From the pediatrician's office today:

At 17 days: 7 lbs. 4 oz (putting her in the 15th percentile for weight); only 19 1/4 inches (putting her in the 10th percentile for height); and I don't remember the measurement for the head circumference, but I do know it was in the 45th percentile. Ahh right on track with how big brother Keller was measuring....:)  My little peanut of  girl!

We'll have more measurements done a week from Saturday and then again when we go back for her 2 month with the pediatrician.

Until next time...


Today was a long day.  I've now been up for just over 13 hours and am super impressed with the way my children handled today.  Okay okay...honestly, I'm impressed with how I handled today.  haha.

Last night was not what I'd call ideal for me and Miss Lucy Ann.  She decided that between the hours of 11PM and 2AM she was not happy and was not tired.  But we did manage sleep for four hours straight which was nice.  Sadly, that was it, since her big brother was his bright and shining (and extremely energetic) self at 6AM.

The morning hours were a struggle but breakfast got made, showers were had, and we all were dressed and ready to hit the road at 9.  Being on time for my mom's group was somewhat impressive, especially on the lack of sleep but mostly because even when I have gotten a full nights rest, I'm usually late for it.

Once finished there, we trekked a few towns over to have Lucy get some really awesome pictures taken.  A local mom does photography and just started crocheting hats and little diaper covers and was looking for newborn aged little girls to model in them.  We gladly offered our little Lucy up for the job and she did great.  It was definitely a cool experience getting to see all the cute poses you can do with a newborn and I think the pictures are going to be amazing.  We'll be getting the opportunity to order prints next week, so stay tuned!

By the time we were done with the pictures it was 2PM and both kids were super tired.  Keller's dark side was beginning to come through.  Thankfully both of them sleep so well in the car because it wasn't even 3 minutes later and they were both out cold.  Again, thankfully this little nap time in the car allowed me to run some quick, easy errands and check some tasks off of my to-do list.

Don't worry, the day isn't over either.  Lucy got to meet our wonderful pediatrician this afternoon at 4:30.  The visit went really well and the only concern (if you could even call it that) is about her hips.  Apparently, babies who are born breech have a higher chance of having issues with their hip joints (which makes sense) and even though the orthopedic tests the pediatrician did were negative, girls (thanks to our estrogen levels) have a 10% chance of having a false-negative orthopedic test.  Therefore, we have an ultrasound scheduled for three weeks out so they can get images of the hip joints in motion and really determine there isn't a problem.

Once home, it was then time to walk the dog, make dinner, take a bath (for Keller), and clean up the messes that were somehow made throughout the day.  To be honest, I'm kind of impressed with Keller's ability to still create complete chaos throughout the house even when we were gone for most of the day.  Good work my boy.

Anyways, as I type, Lucy is snoozing and Keller is working on getting to sleep.  I'm hanging in his room while he lays in bed...our usual little routine.

But as I said at the beginning, for being so busy today and having to be hauled around in a van so much, both of my little ones seemed to handle it pretty well. :).  They were perfect little Troopers!

Until next time..

Monday, May 2, 2011

Little victories.

It is funny how there are moments (like right now) where I get a rush of pride in being a mom/housewife.  It seriously catches me off-guard because I think most of the time (for most of us) it doesn't feel that way.

I'm going to be redundant with something that most everyone is aware of.  Mothering and what I'll just term 'wife-ering' are two very important roles.  They incorporate a wide variety of fun, not so fun, easy, hard, and plain old boring tasks.  The job descriptions are longer than anyone can actually write down, simply because once you've finished or gotten to a point where you think you've gotten everything down...something new pops up.  However, for multiple reasons I'm sure, these two tasks are never actually treated that way.  People don't revere moms and wives like they do someone who is a CEO of some business and they don't look at us, with our half-a**ed make up job, messy hair-do's and dirty jeans looks with the same admiration as the VS models.  (damn..)

Add to the mix that I definitely did not go to college for a Bachelors of the Arts in Motherhood or Wifery.  Granted, I did take a parenting class for a J-term one year.  But seriously, I graduated college with my BA in Psychology and did what every other person who graduated with my degree did...panicked and then looked into grad. school.  Assuming that two more years of stuff and I'd be able to start a career.

It seems a little wasteful now.  But I know I would be no where near as good a parent or partner if I hadn't gone and finished or even done my one year of grad school.  And I do have hopes of completing the graduate level stuff I suppose its not a waste but you get what I mean.

So anyways, my point is, these moments of pride in my 'job' doesn't come quite as often as I'd hope.  But that is how I feel right now.  I'm proud. :).  And it really caught me off guard because of the way today started.

Lets just say, mom getting a good night's sleep was low on the priority list for Keller and Lucy last night.  Making the task of just waking up this morning pretty tricky.  We were successful though at getting a nap in and getting out the door in time for Keller's speech therapy session.  We also had a successful trip to the grocery store.  And currently, both little ones are back to napping and the house is almost put back together.  I'm sure it'll get there just in time to be destroyed again tomorrow, but at least when I lay my head down tonight (it will happen at some point), I can breathe a little easier knowing that my sheets are clean, the clothes and dishes are done, and we have food for the week. Ahh..the simple little joys in life!

Now if only I wasn't nursing I could celebrate with an awesome bottle..I mean glass of pinot noir :) mmm mm good!  (and yes, I realize I could just pump...but blegh...that takes too much effort right now to do that!)