Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucy looking FANCY!

For Christmas Lucy got this Fabulous Ralph Lauren outfit from Grandma Reilly.  It is just adorable!  I hadn't put Lucy in it yet since it's size 12 months but I was worried that if I didn't do it now, there would probably come a time when I'd want to and she'd be too big!  So here is Lucy looking oh so fancy! :)


This has been a favorite word for Keller this past week.  Actually, sometime last week or the week before he actually had a bad dream and described it to me as "ball, tree" maybe he had a dream about a ball in a tree? Who really knows.  But at Christmas time Uncle Logan and Auntie Marisa gave him a toy set - similar to legos in a way - and we finally set it up.  Now he will NOT stop asking for the trees!  It is really cute and actually a nice distraction since he'll sit in his room and play with all of the pieces for quite a while.  Here are the pictures:

Power Hour!

Power Hour is a children's group that meets every other week.  They meet four times each "session" and are free to go to.  It's put on by a group of women from a local church and they do an amazing job putting together this play times that are themed.  Our first time going was three weeks ago.   The theme was Olympics and passing along the "torch" of Christianity.  It starts by letting the kids play for a while, then they do a story time on mats and songs, then a craft activity and snack.  I know, amazing that it's free right?!  Well, I didn't get to snap a picture the first time but the definite highlight was the "race" they had all of the kids do.  They lined all of the kids up along one wall of the gymnasium they were in, then used a streamer to create a finish line on the other side.  The kids range in age from baby to 4/5 yr olds so it wasn't what you would consider a competitive race.  Well, then of course they go "ready, set, go!".  Keller got into his stance and took off.  He finished somewhere in the middle but as soon as he crossed that finish line he was jumping with joy!  So excited and proud! He clapped and cheered his little head off.  It was SO cute! I even had other moms come up to me afterwards and comment on how adorable he was.

Anyways, this last time (last week) was Basketball themed for a sport and then "let your light shine" for Jesus was the tag line.  Keller immediately was excited because of the basketballs (and balloons!) and then he also got a fun "light" to play with when singing "This little light of mine".  Here are some pictures from this last gathering.

Lucy in her snow gear.

So I forgot to publish these pictures of Lucy from the day we headed over to let Keller try out his new skates.  As an update on that front - he is OBSESSIVE about hockey, puck, and skating.  We spent two hours at the Eau Claire hockey rink yesterday watching games that Broghan was reffing.  It was fun since we know some of the kids skating from years past; but it's not like MY kid plays hockey yet..haha.  Anyways, here is Lucy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hockey Player in the Making!

A few days ago our wonderful front office worker gave us a pair of skates that fit Keller.  Yesterday morning Broghan had him in the skates in the kitchen playing on the rugs.  And today, I took him across the street to hit the ice!  I'm not sure if Broghan took him out yesterday but I snapped some pictures of his adventure.  I'd like to take this moment to explain that while he wasn't exactly able to skate..he could stand on his skates on the ice long enough for me to get a picture.  He also was not very excited when I would have him "fall" down on his butt...obviously I didn't actually let this happen - just simply set him down so my arms could get some feeling back in them..haha.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Turning the potty training corner!!

In other - more positive - possibly TMI news.  Keller literally just walked up to me and said "mommy poopy" while tugging on my leg.  We scurried into the bathroom and honestly, I was expecting a poop filled diaper (not sure why, but he's been requesting the clothe diapers over pull ups this past week).  Well, to my great surprise - no poop!  He told me BEFORE he went. yahoo! We might be turning a corner here folks...the recognition that hey, that stuff goes into the toilet and NOT my pants!  Ahhh...little victories.  Now to go check on the babe's to hoping she's snoozing!

Until next time...

Wishing this was easier.

Sleep training stinks - as usual.  As I wrote before we're sticking with training for nap time.  I forgot to mention...the whole big reason I'm even pushing for this is because Lucy can now scoot off of a bed.  Thankfully we haven't had to experience this to know it could happen (as that was the case with Keller).  Sadly, as it stands she adamantly refuses to sleep and/or play quietly in her crib.  She literally screams as soon as I begin lowering her into it.  It's been this way since the beginning so I'm not 100% certain where the aversion came from.  Maybe she's just accustomed to the softness of the beds in our house and prefers that...who knows...

Well - the basic point is - is that I need her to sleep in her crib - at least for naps since I can't supervise those with a 2 1/2 year old running around the house.  So sleep training is what we're left with.  *remember, she also can't just sleep anywhere in the house, i.e. the couch or a pack-n-play, since there is a 2 1/2 year old running around*  her room is seriously ideal.  Warm, quiet, cozy, pretty designs on the wall the look at, toys, music...its got everything she needs.

Anyways, I just wish it was easier.  Like, because I decided so - you will sleep happily, easily in whatever place I put you!

Well, here is to keepin' strong!

Until next time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter fun - Keller pictures

Finally winter has arrived here in Wisconsin.  After an almost snow-less December and 2 1/2 weeks of no snow January - we've got a few inches.  That, plus Broghan being busy with reffing hockey games makes it feel like winter 2012 has finally made it here!  Keller loves to help out and here are some pictures of him doing just that!

Lucy Loou! 9 Months Stats

Okay yes, her name is not Lucy Loou! it's Lucy Ann but its fun to say.  Today we had her 9 month check up and here are her stats:

Height:  26 3/4 inch (18th %)
Weight: 17 lbs 15 oz (31st %)
Head: 45.2 cm (70th %)

Well...she's a normal Randall - Reilly!  Haha.  Keller followed that same path of short - decent weight - BIG head!  The pediatrician also said she seems right on for all of the other developmental milestones she is supposed to be hitting such as babbling and saying consonants like "mamma, dadada, baba" and other speech; crawling (in her case scooting), pulling herself up and being able to sit back down, and progressing to stand on her own.  She's still only got those two baby teeth on the bottom and I'm loving her little tuffs of hair just above her ears, but I know those two things will be changing faster that I realize.

  In tribute to how fantastically she is growing up, here are some pictures:

Keller being Keller

I reviewed some pictures I had on my phone of K-man and don't think I've uploaded them to here yet.  These are just some of my little guy being himself.  I love him. :)

Enjoying their new toys.

As with all holidays, birthdays and really anytime we see family - our children are blessed with people who love them and love to spoil them.  We are so appreciative of all of the fun things they have been given since not only is it helpful for us in the pocket book but it also helps entertain them when we might need a little break.  This picture was snapped literally 1 hour after we returned home from Christmas at my side - the Randall's - over New Years Eve.  Let's point out that I'm fairly certain not one toy on the floor was in our home before we returned...these were all new.

Camping in January.

Okay, not really.  But Keller got an awesome indoor play pop-up tent with a tunnel for Christmas from my sister Ashley.  We obviously had to set it up within days of being home and test it out.  Lucy even got in on the fun.

Keller's first Bubble Bath

I know for some it's hard to imagine a kid going 2 1/2 years without actually ever having a true bubble bath - but the soaps we buy to wash our kids don't exactly suds up that much.  Usually they are essential oil based or shea butter based soaps that smell awesome but aren't the most fun.  But since a few months back, Keller has been getting super excited - as any toddler would - about the bubbles created when I wash my hair in the shower (yes, we all co-shower...I'm not sure I'd smell all that great if I didn't do this because I'd never be able to shower!).  So this last week when I needed to get a new bottle of 'poo, I opted for the bubble bath soap.  It, again, smells awesome (lemon-lavender) but creates a super fun bubble bath!  He loved it so much he played for just over a half hour in the tub.  I have a feeling bath time will be taking about that much time from here on out..haha.

Here are the picks.