Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snarky continued but in a different direction...

Okay so this is a complete tangent from my last post, but as I said, I'm in a 'mood'.

As I was driving home a car pulled up next to me, it was a guy, not sure what he looked like or how old he was, although I'd probably guess 20's something just based on the car style.  But anyways, he was smoking.  And a couple thoughts ran through my head.  Here is my best attempt at explaining them:

Thought 1: I should just roll down my window and yell too him "No girl thinks smoking is attractive".

Thought 2: It would be kind of cool to have something like the following on my car window or bumper:
Simple Math
Smoking = disgusting
If then, YOU choose to SMOKE,
It can be deduced that
You = disgusting

Thought 3: When I get home, I'm going to post on Facebook this as my status: "I will never understand why people choose to smoke.  Please someone give me a reason smoking is a better choice over a different activity that DOESN'T negatively impact your health."  OR "Smoking makes no sense.  Each time a person lights one up, they are taking a step towards an early death.  So unless you're suicidal, why would you smoke? (and I'm not looking for rebuttals here)." 

Then...Thought 4: Do people really consider dying in your 70's to be enough? Do they not realize that our bodies are meant, and intended, and coded, to live for 120 years? That means, if you die at 75, you die 45 years before you were supposed to when your body was first created.  It blows my mind how anyone could be okay knowing they are practically ensuring an early death by smoking.

Thought 5: Woah Abby, take a breathe, smoking is addictive, some people can't help it.  (and here is where my head got into a fight with itself).  Aren't most people educated enough to know it's bad for you? And unless you're currently living under a rock and had been raised there your entire life, wouldn't you know that there are ways to quit? Why wouldn't someone do everything in their power to quit? Again, unless they seriously don't care about how long they live or what the quality of their life is....

Ok, I'm done.  Mostly because by this point, I was home and had to re-focus on unloading what turned out to be the perfect rug for my kitchen :). 

Hopefully I didn't offend you, but if I did, maybe you should quit smoking and then it wouldn't seem so offensive. (see....snarky...)

Nighty night.


That's what kind of mood I'm in.  Snarky.  But I'm hoping to get some relatively interesting blogging done whilst in this mood. :).

Anyways, it's been a long night.  My usual nights consist of getting Keller to bed (around 6pm), making dinner, cleaning up, and watching a little T.V. and then heading to bed around 9.  Veeerrrry easy.  Veeerrry chill. and Veeerrry domestic.  Haha.  Tonight has been different.  In many ways, it's been an extremely productive and extremely positive night.  And in just a few ways, it's put me in this mood.

Broghan's mom (my wonderful mother-in-law Janet), offered to purchase us new rugs for our dining room and kitchen..  We are in the process of giving it a face lift from the 'country kitchen' look we inherited with the purchase of our house just over a year ago and have been playing with ideas of how to update.  Do I take on the task of tearing down all the ugly wallpaper? Possibly discovering, after scraping glue and gunk, that the walls themselves suck and will need replacing? (just like both of our bathrooms mind you) or Do I just go the easy route and paint over it?

Of course, I went the easy route.  Which isn't really so easy since its taken three coats of primer and two coats of color to cover the darn patterns! Oh well.  It's been a good and much needed change in that area of the house and the colors schemes are working out well with some of the decor we already have going throughout the house.

So new rugs it is.  Our local Shopko was having a rug sale but it ended 10PM when they closed and I had to wait until 7pm when Broghan got home to get a nod towards the 'square' design or the 'circle' design...(we went with square btw).  Then it was one trip over to Shopko, which I was okay with.  But the dilemma comes into play when I get home with said rugs and we discover that 1) we don't need all of the ones I got and 2) the second large rug (the one for the kitchen) just isn't 'flowing' with the rest.  Meaning I have to get a new one...and if I didn't go back to Shopko would no longer be on sale (and by on sale I mean 40% off...which for these size rugs is a steal and the difference between spending a decent amount of money and spending way too much).  Soooo at 9PM when I am usually headed to bed after some relaxation on the couch in front of the tube, I'm back in the car, hauling this huge rug back to Shopko, and on a second mission to find a rug to create positive Fung Shui if you will, throughout our dining room and kitchen. Bleh.

Again, this is all really a big positive thing but I'm just being cranky, tired, and pregnant. Bleh. I'll post pictures when I get the motivation to do it and once the painting is finished.  I just don't have to the guts to share with all of you how strange it all looks right now, half painted with these really awesome new rugs...weird.  I just keep reminding day it will all be done and totally worth every minute I spent working on it!