Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yea for Breastfeeding!

I nurse (obviously).  I do it for many reasons but I like to promote that a primary reason is that I really just don't have the motivation to do all of the work associated with formula.  Seriously, making and cleaning bottles is just a lot of work.

But at the moment, I'm going to have to say my #1 thing I can say I'm thankful about for are all of the extra calories I've been able to burn! We had a health assessment done this morning at our house because we're looking into new life insurance policies and I was weighed.  I came in at 5 lbs shy of my pre-pregnancy weight :).  Lucy isn't even 4 months.  I know with Keller it took just about 6 months for me to get to my "normal" weight so I feel like I might just in fact be ahead of the game!

So during this World Breastfeeding Week I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to breastfeeding.  Although it feels like it's been a long process...I appreciate you helping me get back to a normal weight without having to do all that hard work of sweating (granted to normal tone and shape may take some work).  :).

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teething at 3 months? Really?

I can remember back with Keller at about 4 months being convinced he was going to cut teeth.  He was drooling (which he never did and still never does) and started putting his hand in his mouth.  Well, I wasn't right about that whole situation until two months later.  He cut his first FOUR teeth (yes four at once) at 6 months.  And even though I should be learning from that and not be I am seriously convinced Lucy is teething!  We spent the last two nights having to apply our mixture of clove & olive oil to her gums to get her to calm down and well...she's been drooling since she was born; and chewing on her hands since she was born.

I can't feel buds, but I suppose this could be a repeat of what Keller did.  So maybe in roughly two months from now...just shy of the 6 month marker, she'll cut them.  I guess I wouldn't be surprised if that was the path we followed.

I realize this post isn't all too exciting, so here are some pictures to spice it up. :)