Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And we got a bleeder!

Okay...glad to make it to morning with a relatively good nights sleep! Yesterday (as I posted) was ridiculous with the kiddos...eight days without getting out and about (now on day nine) was pushing this momma over an edge! So when it came time for didn't happen! We needed groceries; so little Lucy & Rae still were able to get to bed on time (thanks to nursing) and Keller had been asking to join me at the big deal - he'd get a late bedtime was all.

Well...5 minutes into our shopping trip, the little kiddo is running around (as usual), trips, falls, smacks his forehead on the cart and gets a puncture wound.  Blood, screams, panick..oh joy.  Thanks in part to basic first aid knowledge and in part to motherly instinct - I immediately stuck a thumb on it and kept pressure on.  Luckily enough a woman who was an EMT was there and was nice enough to get us some wipes and while not trying to sway us - simply said it looked "okay" - which was enough to give me some peace.  Also lucky, it stopped bleeding relatively quickly. So we finished shopping (of course)...came home to show dad..then off to the ER.

Two and a half hours and two stitches later, we were home. Bleh! Keller did great and so did the staff at Mayo ER.  He doesn't seem to be showing any signs of serious head trauma...he slept great....but he is a little goofty this morning (which could be the nine days inside!)

So all in all, he and his sister Lucy will have matching scars on their foreheads...although Lucy is winning in the stitch count 3-2.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Naptime everyone!

I posted this to facebook but just want to make sure I mark this moment in time.  A few days ago we were all hanging out at home.  We - as in me and the kids - anyways.  Our van is getting some maintenance repairs done on it this week so we are without a vehicle and therefore kind of stuck at the house until Monday next week.  Since we'd just been hanging out, I was a big surprised when I didn't know where Lucy had wandered off to.  Low-and-behold..she had found her paci and crawled up into my bed and fell asleep...about thirty minutes later Keller followed suit (minus the paci).  I couldn't believe it! I didn't even ask them to take naps and it was actually right on schedule for nap time too..blew - my - mind!  Don't worry, I don't ever plan on this happening again! :)

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Gotta move that snow.

As I've blogged and posted pictures; we've gotta A LOT of snow this year. It just kept coming! I don't mind too much since I actually quite enjoy snow blowing and don't mind shoveling....that is, until it turns into a giant piece of rock-ice.  This hadn't happened thanks to overcast days and cold temperatures, but over the last week or so, the conditions plus the city plows made those big bumps at the end of the front driveway.  Our snow piles were becoming out of hand and it was getting harder to snow blow it...well anywhere since the piles were so high.  So the city came around yesterday and decided to clear some from the curbs/boulevards...great in theory...horrible in reality.

While they got rid of a lot of the snow, they left an almost foot high bump of frozen - solid - dirty - slush lining the end of our snowblower won't even go through it and my shovel doesn't make a dent.  SUPER annoying.  Thankfully we have a BACK driveway and the front one is just for visitors and walking down...but hopefully the mail people don't refuse to deliver our mail because of it...NOT OUR FAULT!

They also destroyed our little "Caution - Kids at Play" guy...not sure how we handle that one.  I'm not exactly expecting the city to reimburse for it; but it' not like it was in the road...their little plows came onto where the grassy area (under the snow of course) is and demolished it! :/.  Bummer all around!

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Happy Spring 2013

Well...I guess they say its spring here in WI...but looking outside you wouldn't really guess so.  We've got fEET of snow still covering the ground.  And its somewhat sad to say that with highs in the 30''s feeling warm outside! But the sky today is blue and the sun is warm on our faces, so we've got that going for us.

So to celebrate this warm(ish) weather, I took the kiddos outside.  It's always nice (and makes me look forward even more to hot weather) that I didn't have to do much to get them, jackets, gloves...check, check, check...and out the door we go.  Rae was even easier with just a snow suit :).

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First giggles

I am excited that we finally heard our little Rae giggle (while awake)! She's been doing it in her sleep for quite some time now but yesterday is the first time that I know of where she's done it while awake.  She began smiling and responsively smiling a few weeks ago, but the giggle was such a delight!

She also has become a lot more interactive and playful.  She likes to stare at you, stick out her tongue and then seems to enjoy when you reciprocate by sticking out your own tongue! super cute!  Hopefully we can capture this fun little game on tape and share it on here at some point soon.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Boston - Round 1 for 2013

That's right folks - Round 1 - meaning there are more rounds of travel out to the East coast coming our way this year.  Broghan's older brother Logan is getting married this June in New Hampshire and with that comes a shower/bachelorette weekend; a bachelor party weekend and the wedding itself.

This first trip was the for the bride-to-be's bridal shower and bachelorette party.  My mother-in-law, myself and little Miss Raegan made the trip out last weekend to celebrate with Marisa.  The trip in a nutshell was great, with little  stress and a LOT of food!  Raegan did great on the four plane rides and did her duty as being the cutest and most well behaved baby around.  She still sleeps a ton so that is very helpful and her ability to sleep well through the night is fantastic when sharing a hotel room with someone....although I don't think grandmas would care all that much to be woken up by their grandbaby.

The only hiccup in the weekend was a winter storm.  The same one that we lived through here in WI was lived through a second time a few days later when we got to Boston.  It managed to shut down the city (basically) and forced us to cancel a trip down to Cape Cod (thankfully...since TWO HOUSES fell into the OCEAN!...seriously...crazy). But that only forced us to take a short shuttle over to the mall and do a little shopping and of course, eating, at the Cheesecake Factory.

By nightfall, the storm had blown over and we were able to meet my other sister-in-law, Claire, for dinner at an Italian place on the North End. It was Ah-mazing. Great seafood and fantastic desserts and delicious wine...and Rae of course slept through the whole thing.  Couldn't have designed a better night.

The bachelorette party in and of itself was a bit tame (sorry Marisa lol) from what I was expecting. But...a few beers is ALL I need to get a good buzz now a days and having to get up decently early to get a little work out in and get packed up to get to the airport...made it again...perfect for what I needed.  Boston does have some great small-town style bars! I mean...we got beer for $3/bottle! It's like I was back in WI..

All in all this momma got a much needed break from normal mom duties and came back refreshed and amped up for Spring to get here to play more with my kids.  I miss them and the hubby tons and feel a little more appreciative of the fact that I get to spend so much time with them.

Bloggers Guilt & Blogsite update

Howdy everyone! It's been a while.  I'd love to simply say I've been busy, but part of me feels like I've actually been avoiding blogging and updating this.  Not sure why, but I did notice that I slowed down significantly on my blogging this time last year as well....maybe it's just the dragging of winter that has me off my game! Who knows, but as I progressively return to a normal-state (meaning feeling less and less post-partum-ish each day) I have started to have bloggers guilt...simply because I haven't updated on here.  I've had many ideas on how to update even the way I blog.  Since we are up to three children to chronicle ; I've decided to add three pages to the top.

If you look up at the top of the blog, you'll notice a few tabs.  The "goals" tab has been there for a while.  I am in the works of posting updates and new goals I've thought of for 2013.  If you click on it, it actually takes you to another page I've created since blogspot is somewhat limiting when it comes to creating new pages.  However, you'll also notice the three kids' names.  Each tab will simply have photos of them.  I'll continue to add individual pictures as I take them and hopefully keep dates/captions up to date with the pictures.  Consider this the start of their photo albums on here.  I just think it will be easier in the future when people want to see specific pictures of the kids and not wanting to sift through all of the other posts I make on here.  I do realize that there are those "label" things I can add...but really..that little step is just too much work for me...haha. Sad...but oh so true.

Anyways, enjoy the "enhancements" for anyone who hates to read and just wants to see pics and videos.. cuz really..I'm like that a lot of the time too!

Until Next Time...