Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lucy's new favorite chair.

Since we brought the baby-rocker chair back out, Lucy (and Keller too) have been inclined to sit in it.  It has become a particular favorite for Lucy since Raegan arrived.  Here she is snuggling her own little baby.

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Three amigos just hanging out.

Keller and Lucy keep requesting to hold Miss are some pics of them doing that!

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My little eating champ.

We just had our #2 check-up and all is looking great! Raegan is weighing in at a nice 7 lbs 4 oz.  That is 4 oz. up from birth weight! :) She never dropped down so that goes to show that she is quite the little eater!  We also did the PKU heel prick (she did great!) and her hearing test (she can least as far as they are able to discern at this age...although we can tell she can hear of course).  Our next check up is in about a week and a half.  So I'll be sure to update then!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Randall Grandparents visit

The day after Christmas was basically an extension of Christmas for our kids.  My parents came out to visit (my dad got to meet Raegan for the first time).  But they managed to bring a whole big bag full of gifts too! Keller and Lucy are going to grow up with this perception that Christmas isn't just a one day a year event, but a whole string of days that last from somewhere in November into the New Year. 

Anyways, they were kind enough to entertain my kids, get us lunch and even take me grocery shopping! What a huge check off of my to-do list. 

First day alone!

Well, we did it. We survived an entire (almost) day alone (me and the 3 kiddos).  Only 4 days post partum and I have to admit my ego is feeling a little large tonight for making it through without serious disaster.

Last night was a rough one.  The kids finally had a smooth bedtime where neither went down after a tantrum and we thought that was going to suggest a full nights rest for them.  Obviously we were crazy, because before midnight hit both came up the stairs in hysterics.  Apparently, in my blur of postpartum-ness I forgot to put Keller into a daiper; which equals him wetting the bed.  This set him off...which I can only assume woke Lucy and made her upset.

The only directions I really have during this post partum period is 2 full weeks of lifting nothing that weighs more than my little Miss Raegan.  This means Keller and Lucy are out of luck when it comes to me picking them up or forcing them anywhere...which means technically I'm out of luck in that department.

Back to the story, so since I can't physically put them back anywhere, we had to do some negotiating. Keller gladly climbed up into our bed with Broghan while Lucy took a little more convincing.  I ended up with Keller to my left, Raegan on my front (I was leaning on the wall a bit), and Lucy to my right...with Broghan in bed too.  It was ridiculous.  Broghan finally bit the bullet and relinquished his spot so we could spread out a bit.  He ended up in a spare kids bed we have in the baby's future room. Anyways, from that point on, we got some decent sleep.

But that whole scenario made me a little nervous for a day alone..but at the same time feeling like if I could survive that, the daylight was a welcomed change.  Broghan was also a sweetheart and let me and Raegan sleep in until NINE! It was a much needed extra few hours of sleep for me and probably her too.

After he headed off to work (around noon), we finished up naps for the kids and then gathered ourselves up and packed into the car.  I have now managed to get kids into and out of the van three full times without lifting! :) Whoopie! Anyways, we headed first up to the office because as I mentioned to my sister today, bills don't get pushed back just because you had a is STILL due on the first. So we went there first then after a few hours headed to the Eau Claire Children's Museum (as promised today).  They did great a wearing themselves out and their bedtimes proved that.  Tonight, however, we have them sleeping is different rooms and hopefully that will be our saving grace from a repeat of last night.  Oh and I did manage to remember to get Keller into a diaper ;).

Here are our pics from today

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All together now

He's a natural big brother..

It might be because he has plenty of practice with Lucy, but Keller has taken to Raegan beautifully.  He keeps asking to hold her and touch her hands and was shocked by the size (small size) of her feet.  Just today while I was finishing a task in another room, Keller was able to stroke the top of her head softly and shush to her so that she calmed down when she had started to cry a little bit.  What a great big brother!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Raegan's Birth - The photo mantage

***FOREWARNING: None of the pictures actually show anything THAT graphic...but I do have some immediately post-birth if you don't want to see those...scroll fast ;)***


Morning of.  You can see on the mirror my "timeline". While you can't make it out exactly, I was basically timing see if they were consistent.  Which they were. SO I snapped this picture to send to my see if it looked like baby had dropped from the day before.

This was me a little later in the day...okay actually this was me about an hour before Raegan decided to make her appearance.  I was looking a little more put together after a shower and straightening my hair. :) 

And here we go...these next few were within a few minutes of birth...some before the Midwives even got here.

Broghan climbed behind me for a little extra support as I snuggled Raegan until our midwives got there.

A little shocked, but doing extremely well!

Family shot!

Cutting the cord.  We let Broghan's mom do the honors this time around since I did Lucy's and Broghan did Keller's and she was a trooper through it all.

Older ones got changed into jammies and my wonderful doula drove an hour to come be with us!

Daddy is wrapped around another little girl's finger in the blink of an eye..

Giving me a little lovin' as we do our post-partum checks..

Grandpa Reilly survived the crazy-ness! 

So did Grandma!

Just a few hours old...


Someone (ah-ehm Grandma!) Couldn't resist borrowing big sister Lucy's bow for a quick picture!

**There are some picture I'm waiting to get from other cameras...I'll add them here when I do***


Daddy couldn't resist the opportunity to nap with her..


It was Christmas Eve, so she spent a whopping 1 hour dressed in real clothes..haha. Ended up taking them off so the midwife could do her 24 hr check up... but was fortunate enough to get some photos of her first outfit!