Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Broghan's Update

I guess the easiest and most organized way to get through this updating is to do it by person instead of by month.  So, let's start with dad a.k.a. Dr. Broghan Reilly.

At the end of JUNE we went to the WI Dells for my Dad's 60th Birthday weekend celebration. Here are some shots from when we went on the Duck Boats.

Broghan improved upon his already active lifestyle by adding in a bunch of different activities. On this particular day, we jogged from our house to a park about 3 miles away.

We did all we could to get out and fish this summer - unfortunately, we are apparently really bad at fishing and didn't really catch anything....all summer :/

Broghan's parents took the older two for a day or two and we got to get in a round of golf...Rae got to come with!

Out on the river at one of our favorite sand bar spots!

We are lucky to have blackberry bushes right behind our house - Broghan is a particularly good berry picker

Don't worry...he shares...

Happy 28th Birthday Broghan!!! We had another local family over to help us celebrate dad turning another year older.

Out jogging....again...

This was on Broghan's ACTUAL birthday. :) They were playing in a cardboard box in the yard...

Rae always sleeps better in daddy's arms..

Daddy's baby girl again..

Example #2 ;)

Keller's first day of school - thank goodness dad was there! This mom probably couldn't have handled it on her own.

September had wonderful weather and we got out as much as possible. On this day we had headed down to the local farmers market and hung out at Phoenix park for a bit.

Fall Festival parade!

Out jogging again... :)

The Color Dash / Run / something. Lol. I can't remember the exact name. It was a fun 5K!

Getting close to Halloween!

This past fall Broghan discovered his new favorite Irish Whisky when we went out to dinner with some friends at a local Irish pub. Here is talking with the lead singer of the band that night.

This is what happens when you drink The Knot!

The hat tips up in Reilly Tradition!

Keller also started hockey this past fall and dad got to help out on the ice a couple of times!

Time to HUNT!

Flash forward through the is Thanksgiving..

And the holiday lights parade in Chippewa!

I can't even's either his fourth or fifth year being FROSTY!

Out at hibachi to celebrate the holiday's with our staff.

the BIG TRIP - Hi Ho Hi Ho off to MEXICO we go!!!!!

We made it to the Ocean!! (AND warm weather!)

The Brothers (Logan, Broghan, Cullan)

This was how we spent our Christmas Day - off exploring the ancient Mayan Ruins by ourselves!! Woah!

We made it to the bus!

...and back to the resort :)

Our last dinner in Mexico!

On our way back home - don't let them fool you - this cat nap was the only sleep we got in 15 hours of travel! :/  Long trip, but SOOOOOOOO worth it!

Back to WI means back to the snow...but that gave us the opportunity to go skiing and dad got to teach Keller!

This year was special...I mean especially COLD! but that created an opportunity to go see some ice caves. Dad bit the bullet and dragged the wagon over a mile! (one way!)

....they were beautiful...

Dad at work!!

We escaped the cold for a few hours and headed to the local indoor water park.

More of dad at work...

This year was the first in which Broghan was finally able to joined a local hockey team! This was their year-end tournament.

Go dad!!

Broghan also played in the Chippewa YMCA's racquetball tournaments (single & doubles)

Cheering on dad!

I am pretty sure he was asleep...but this is what happens when you sleep around 3 wide awake kids. hahaha.

Pictures from the Raquetball Championships. This was the doubles (they won!!!) I don't have pictures, but he also won the singles!! What a ROCKSTAR!

A new (sort of) favorite of the kids is getting read to. They always have been read to at bed time, but for some reason, the intensity in which they demand it has picked up and they are requesting stories all day long. Not a bad thing by any means :) . They particularly love it when dad reads to them!

Until Next Time...