Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Monday, December 9, 2013

JUNE - Logan and Marisa's Wedding!

Well we made it to NH! It was a long day of travel for Rae and I including planes, buses and cars! Whew! Thankfully we were able to make all of the connections we needed (keep in mind that we opted to fly stand by 24 hrs earlier than our actual flights so there were no guarantees). I think having a cute little baby really helped my end game.  Once we got to Portsmouth (around 7PM) we were immediately picked up and driven to dinner at a great sushi place! Couldn't have planned it better! But once dinner was over, we were wiped. So it was back to the hotel for a night of sleep.  The next morning I found my littles hanging out on the patio of Grandma and Grandpa Reilly's hotel suite (BTW: we were spoiled rotten with our hotel suites!)

The view of the harbor area. The boat down there is what we went out on for the rehearsal dinner Friday night.  

A panoramic for you all.


I think Lucy and Keller made fantastic flower girl and ring bearer; or as they said "princess" and "prince" ;)

A little snack on the steps pre-ceremony.

Family shot - I look awkward :P

This turned out cool huh?! This was me sneaking back into the ceremony to get at least one pic. 

The kids did fantastic walking down the isle; however, since they are toddlers, an hour long Catholic ceremony just isn't something they are willing to sit quietly through. So the four of us hung out just outside the doors.

Piling sticks to make a "fire".  They also searched for worms under rocks.  

Me and my little man :)

And me and the Princess Lucy!

Post Wedding - Pre Dinner

They were pretty exhausted. It was hot and they were asked to do a lot.  So after the wedding I headed back to the hotel for naps with the three kids while most people headed to the reception for cocktails. I was happy to fall on the sword though because this momma needed a little break too!

They napped for 3 1/2 hours! I had to eventually wake them up because we were already cramping in on the actual DINNER! Hilarious right? Most days I hope for at least 2 hours...

Mother - Son dance (Janet & Logan)

This is our good friend Paul.  He helped Rae get to sleep on time while the dance was going on :)  It also freed up mom and dad to be able to enjoy a dance or two together before we had to take the kiddos back to the hotel. 

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