Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My garden is growing!

This is super exciting for me because 1) this is the fist time I've attempted something along these lines and 2) I was completely nervous I somehow did it wrong!

These little sprouts are my my tomatoes coming through and one Basil plant.

In total I planted 6 peppers, 2 Parsley, 2 Basil, 2 Cilantro, 3c regular vine tomatoes and 3 cherry tomatoes..

They all got planted 1 week and 1 day ago.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The boy who will sleep anywhere

So I am currently up at Broghan's office finishing up some training stuff. I'm learning how to do the front desk job so that way, if a time comes where I would need to fill in, I am able to do so. Anyways, of course Keller is with me. He does great..usually. :) Today though it was a mix of holding him, swinging him, letting him sit, letting him play on his tommy, holding him, and then finally just putting him down on the floor to lay on his back and stick the pacifier in. Well as I was working away, it got very quiet...and here is what I discovered! A sleeping baby! Haha. My child, of course, is the one who will fall asleep anywhere and in any position. Not surprising really when you think of Broghan and myself and our abilities to and our passion to sleep!

Don't worry either, no patients are coming to the office today, so there's little chance of him actually being stepped on!

Monday, February 22, 2010


SO we have finally hit a major milestone in Keller's development! He SITS!! all by himself..and for extended periods of time! It's crazy how quickly he went from not sitting at all on his own to now being able to do it for big chunks of time! was just over this weekend, which makes me super excited about it :)

Kate came to visit!

This weekend was awesome! One of my best best BEST friends came to visit us in Eau Claire for the first time! Kate (and her dog Wiley) drove all the way from St Louis, MO to stay the weekend, see Eau Claire & the house, and to meet Keller for the very first time too! I hadn't seen Kate since our wedding this past summer, so needless to say, it had been a VERY long time for us!
Kate made kick-butt time getting up here on Friday. Getting into town around 3. Here she is meeting Keller for the first time up at Broghan's office. As you can see, they get along marvelously!

After hanging around Broghan's office for awhile (I was filling n at the front desk so we had to wait until office hours were over) we headed back to our house. Kate got the grand tour (really it only takes about 3 minutes though since the house isn't all that big).

The funniest part was Marvin & Wiley's reunion! These two pups were best friends when we lived in St. Louis! At times when Marvin would disappear all it would take would be a phone call to Kate and lo-and-behold, there he was, outside their door whinning for Wiley to come out and play. You'd swear they were little kids!

Here they are loving up on each other and snuggling on the couch.

Once home, we got to spend the rest of the night hanging out, catching up and watching the Olympics. Kate got lots of love time from Keller as well and Broghan grilled up some awesome fish for dinner!

Saturday was meant to be a day spent showing Kate around the area, but it ended up being one relaxing day! We didn't even really leave the house! The only trip out we took was to Menards for about an hour...and that was even without Keller! Kate even got to take a mid-day nap with the Kel-man. But Saturday was extremely productive on the home front as our new roomie Nate (he's staying in our downstairs) and his dad helped Broghan tile the downstairs bathroom's floor. Kate & I got sent to Menards to check out new vanities and while there I picked up some supplies to start my first vegitable garden (that will be another post). In the afternoon, Kate got to try out her skating legs at the ice rink across the street. The ice here is kind of crummy since it's been so warm (haha...meaning mid-30's). She did great though! I was very impressed for someone who claims to not have skated in YEARS! Later, Kate & I made dinner Saturday night for the guys. Grilled chicken and veggies and GRILLED PINEAPPLE! YUMM! it was delicious!

Sunday was by far the most fun day. We got to take Kate to our church (Valleybrook) (Similar to Windsor..but no where near as big). Then we headed to the YMCA so Kate could give me some pointers on my swim stroke. Keller also got to go swimming again, this time dad got to take him in which was probably a good thing! Dad is much nicer at getting Keller into the water and he even put goggles on him! (pics to come) After the Y, we headed over to a hockey gathering we had planned. The kids from the team we coach had the weekend off of scheduled practices so we organized an optional get-together where the kids could just skate around and play and then we roasted s'mores! So good!
Once the fun was over, we picked up Chris (one of the boys I nanny, he's 12) and came back to our place. Chris, Nate & Broghan still had some work to do on the bathroom so they got to it and Kate, Keller & I got to hang out upstairs watching the Olympics and YouTubing Twilight actors! SO FUN! As a fun fact, Kate & I LOVE the Twilight series! and we're Team Edward fans too...not that Jacob isn't great though ;)
Sadly, the weekend had to come to an end. I'm going to miss having my friend here. As we agreed, the next time we meet will be me, Keller & Brogs flying out to see her and her husband John. I wish they were closer and I wish money meant nothing, but until one of those is true, I am so thankful just to have her in my life as a friend! Thanks for visiting Kate!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

and I already missed a day...

Stupid lent. Ok. Not stupid, but really...I already missed a day of flossing! AND headweights. It hasn't even been a week. It hasn't even been 5 days! grr..ok, well today I got back on track and did both, so we'll see how the next few days go.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok so this is getting a little ahead of myself, but I was researching online how to make an LLC in Wisconsin yesterday and found that there are only SIX other Doula companies listed in the WHOLE STATE! Gosh I guess that goes to show you how underused doula services are in the United States. Anyways, all of the names were something....nice. I.E. Beautiful birth, TLC, Empowering...I was thinking for my business of using just Chippewa Valley Doula Services, LLC. Simple, basic, tells you where I am, and what I do. I guess when I think of a doula, for me, I don't want someone who is...well...out there. Overly motherly or overly mushy, I want someone who is educated, to the point, understanding and empathetic in a practical way. Am I alone in that idea?

So, any opinions on that title? Would you respond positively if you heard of a service like this?

Chippewa Valley Doula Services, LLC. Providing women with educational, physical and emotional support before, during, and following the birth of their children.


As an update, I'm still in the works of finishing up the reading. As I keep saying, it feels as though I'm back in college since I'm constantly carrying around these big, class-like books. But slowly I'm making my way through. I'm hoping to have my seminars done by sometime late this spring...then possibly attend a birth this summer!! Ah, makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Friday, February 19, 2010 give up or add on?

Since yesterday was apparently Ash Wednesday (I was unaware...maybe I should check my calendars more often?) but I believe that this would be the beginning of the Lenten season. The 40 before the death of Christ. And from what I remember it's to be symbolic of the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert fight the temptations of the Devil. So here we are now, and traditionally during Lent, we are to give up something in order to feel the burden of that temptation Jesus felt. Well a few years ago, someone (I have no idea who) had brought up the idea that instead of trying to say 'no' to something, why don't we say 'yes' to something positive and in line with the teachings of Jesus. In reality you probably would end up giving up something anyways by adding another...its the beauty of the give-take of time.

So this morning I have been contemplating what to 'add'...and I think there are probably a few things I could put on that list. For one, and this I realize is not exactly 'Jesus' teachings' but I'd like to try to FLOSS every day :) I've done it every day since I had my dentist appointment (on Tuesday) (which by the way...NO CAVITIES! a big improvement over the 6 at the last appointment!). I also would like to make sure I'm sticking to the treatment plan set forth by my chiropractor/husband about wearing headweights. For those that are confused, headweights are worn to correct forward head posture...something most people have and is actually developed often by the excess use of a computer...such as the one I'm typing on now. ironic. But if you're curious, just google it, I'm sure it'll bring up something. Or use Bing..haha.

I guess I'll have to think more about other things for my list. I know one is that I'd like to take 5 minutes to pray or as I call it have a H2H (heart to heart) with God.

So I pose the question, what are all of you doing for this lenten season? Giving up? Adding on? Nothing?! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

swim swim little fishy!

We took Keller to the YMCA last Friday and he got to test out his fins! I don't have any pictures of him in the water since Broghan wasn't at the pool yet when we were swimming around, but here are some from just afterwards and then at home after his bath!

The pictures uploaded backwards, so here are the bath pictures!

Someone got sleepy after playing in the water...but then again, I LOVE naps after a nice warm shower too :)

Family shot! Too bad Marv can't come to the 'Y'!

I had to take one like this...just in case he become a swimmer in his future! Then I can look back
and say,'ve loved it since you were little!

New blog got buried with the old ones

I just published a post about Christmas that somehow didn't get posted before...I thought it would pop up as a new one, but apparently it isn't and so you'll have to click back into the January month to read it. I'll post pictures and the Colorado trip break-down later!

There is a much proof do you need?

The title of this post is taken from that new LeAnn Wolmack song "There is a God". It's such a beautiful song! And probably to any female reading this it won't seem strange, while to any male it probably would, that pretty much every time I hear it I have to choke back the tears because it evokes so much emotion. If you haven't heard it, google or you-tube it and check it out!

God is a topic that is not often talked about in our current society. Yes, at church or in a serious discussion, but not often is He talked about in daily conversations. To make things clear here, 1) I believe in God 2) I believe that he sent his son to become man and that he lived a life meant to become a source of guidance for us and that he died a very tragic death for our sins (Jesus obviously...making me a Christian) 3) I strive to live a life congruent with the teaching of the trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit)

I struggle to bring these three truths into my daily life and make them outwardly known. Even though doing so would probably make it easier for me to live the life I should... This is most likely because I'm unsure of how others are going to react and/or its that big social hindrance of making other people uncomfortable.

But anyways, why I'm while driving home from my in-laws house, I took a moment to survey the landscape and take in all that God has placed on the Earth for us. And the picture posted up top is what I saw. The colors were AMAZING! I actually pulled my car over to take some pictures because I just felt a need to capture it. And really, just for having this moment, this sunset, I have to believe that there is a God. How could something so perfect exist if there wasn't?

BTW: shout out to my dad on this whole idea of taking time each day to just enjoy what is around and taking in all that has been laid out for us. It was his idea and now one of mine too :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday to my MOM!

Just had to post a shout-out to a woman who unbeknownst to herself is strong, smart, beautiful, caring, selfless and inspirational. 50 years ago today our world became a better place and my future became possible because my mother was born. So HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY MOM! It's really a great accomplishment to reach this milestone and to have made such an impact on the world (and she doesn't even have a clue to how far that impact goes!)

Love you lots! and all of us are excited to get to spend this weekend with you to celebrate you!! Especially Keller :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How come the boys always get to sleep?

Really!? You'd think that since I'm the one getting up in the middle of the night (yes...still :) ) I would be the one napping all the time. But no, not in my family. Even Marvin the dog gets to nap (not surprising really since he's a dog). Here are just a few of the pictures I've managed to snap of these boys and the many different places and positions they manage to fall asleep.

Let's start off with some funny ones of Marvin.

And with the MAN of the house...

Now the BOY of the house...and the one I'm sure most of you actually want to see!

How important is a Chiropractic adjustment for a newborn?

I was having a conversation with my mother-in-law today regarding parenting styles and techniques and abilities in general and it got me to thinking about Keller and his temperament. For those that haven't met him or heard, people gush about how wonderful and easy he is, how content he is and just such a well-mannered baby. A lot of the time we hear the comment "You're SOO lucky!". And in the moment of the comment I often find myself agreeing. Thinking, well yes, I am! My son smiles and coos and only really fusses or cries when he's REALLY hungry or tired. Which are two situations that are easily fixed, especially since I'm breastfeeding him. (SO convenient!).

But as I take a moment away from those situations to think of everything, I have to say no, we aren't lucky at all. We are responsible for our baby's behaviors. We get to take credit. My son was given a chiropractic adjustment at birth, he has never been given an unnecessary medication or vaccine, he is solely given breast milk, he is nurtured and cared for with patience and a high degree of concern for his physical comfort, he is held and played with and stimulated with positive comments and smiles. Since his arrival, we've told him how much he is loved, how proud of him we are and how happy we are that he is our son. He is allowed to eat when he is hungry, sleep when he is tired, play when he is at attention to do so.

As yes, while I understand that many people out there feel this can only be accomplished by a family with the ability to have a stay-at-home parent, I disagree. It's stressful, even without a 9-5 job. If you'd like the details of how so, leave a comment and I'll be happy to post about it. No one ever said children were easy or that having a baby won't change your life forever. It is going to be hard work and it is going to take A LOT of your energies to grow this little thing you call your child into a well adjusted, healthy, happy, positive adult.

But back to my topic, just think about what that newborn baby has gone through to enter our world. It's not surprise that many newbies can only turn their head one direction, cry relentlessly, or have a hard time nursing right away. If your head had just gone through a tight whole half the circumference of your skull, plus usually pulled on with a weighted force of somewhere between 20 and 40 lbs, you can imagine the "crink" you might be feeling! If it hurts to just turn your head, you probably wouldn't be thinking much of 1) being quiet and sleeping or 2) trying to suck down milk. I'd be crying relentlessly too until someone fixed it! As a new mom and being involved in this new community of new mom's I cannot stress enough the importance of having your new baby, or anyone in your family, checked by a Chiropractor. As advice, make sure to see if the chiropractor you may be looking into has actually adjusted young children before you see them. Some do this and some do not, just as some doctors are pediatricians and some are heart surgeons.

As a little background and hopefully to put some confidence in yourself if you're nervous about seeing a chiropractor, take heart in knowing that both UNICEF and the WHO (World Health Organization for those that somehow don't know) have recently joined forces with the Connecticut Chiropractic Council to do a study on the safety of the chiropractic adjustment and spinal manipulation and they found it both to be a safe AND effective form of health care.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What the future might hold..

So as I've travel down this path of "stay-at-home mom-dom", I've had a lot...and I mean A LOT of time to ponder over what direction I'd like my "professional" life to take. I put that into quotations because let's be honest, I am not a person, nor do I ever see myself becoming a person, who could be any kind of serious professional.

Now, I'm not saying I'm making any life-long or life-changing decisions, I think thru the course of becoming a mom I've been able to really draw out a part of me that excites me more than anything (career-wise) has in a very long time. And not surprisingly, it's labor and delivery! haha.

While I don't have any desire at the moment to go back to school and hit the books hard enough to get certified as an RN, I do have a desire to help women achieve the birth they want and to help them and their babies have a healthier delivery with less unnecessary interventions. So I'm currently doing the reading and will subsequently be attending the seminar to become a certified Birth Doula.

To find out more about what a Doula is and what training I'll need check out the DONA International's website

But to summarize, I will NOT be able to give any sort of medical advice or to do any medical checks such as blood pressure or how dilated a woman may be. I WILL be able to give constant emotional, physical and verbal support to both the woman laboring and her partner. After going through my own birth experiences, I realize that Broghan and I have really been able to get through it together with the help of the people who have 1) prepared us for what to expect and 2) who have actually been there during the labors and given suggestions. The biggest difference between what I have already experienced and what I hope to provide to other women is a CONSTANT support. As a doula, I would not leave the laboring woman except for absolutely necessary (bathroom/food break) and I would return a.s.a.p. My role could vary from being extremely involved (helping press on pressure points on the back, holding her hand, rubbing her back, wiping her forehead) to being not all that involved at all and just being there for a sounding board or to offer up factual information about options and/or what the doctors are talking about when they start speaking in medical jargon.

The term "doula' can be expanded beyond just a certified doula. It can be used to describe any person who supports a woman through the labor process. For me, my "doula" was my husband Broghan. He drove 8+ hours to be with me during labor and did a great job coaching me, being my sounding board and a barrier system to keep distractions at bay. He spoke encouraging and positive words to me through the labor and delivery and here we are just minutes after a natural, drug-free delivery.

Here are some statistics to ponder. A pregnant woman has more than a 1 in 3 chance of "ending up" having a cesarean delivery; a study out of Cleveland, OH showed of those who have an induced labor 63%!! require a cesarean if they weren't attended to by a doula, where only 20% with a doula ended up delivering that way; women who had a doula support are 40% less likely to require a forceps delivery; 60% less likely to even request an epidural and 40% less likely to require Pitocin to keep labor moving; having a doula may reduce the length of labor up to 25%.

Anyways, the more I read about this "profession" the more I grow passionate about the idea that YES! ALL women have this magnificent body that is able to and meant to deliver a baby and that YES! a woman should be allowed to plan for and subsequently get the opportunity to labor and deliver the way SHE WANTS and YES! she should be allowed to have an advocate available to support her in every and any way necessary to achieve the kind of birth she hopes for (pending no other medical complications arise that would cause it to be different...obviously the baby's and mother's well-being trumps all wants/desires)!!

I'll be sure to keep all updated on my progress but I'm hoping to be able to support women in their labors/deliveries by sometime towards the end of this year (2010). That's the goal anyways!