Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rae's Professional Pics - Small Snippet

We accomplished getting Raegan's newborn photos taken today.  Something I wasn't sure if we'd actually do since we dropped so much $$ on Lucy's I was a bit intimidated to attempt them with Rae.  However, after a prompting from a friend to try out Target's Portrait studio and to utilize their coupons, I made an appointment and we headed out there this morning.  It was a great experience!! Our photographer was phenomenal with Raegan and the pictures turned out pretty good. They didn't offer and "touch ups" so all of her little baby-acne and scratches show, but seriously, who cares?? She looks so cute! Plus, let me just throw it out there that we dropped a whopping $12.00 on a decent amount of prints and will have access online to the pictures for another 2 years! Such an amazing deal.  I am a bit enthusiastic..I know..

Anyways, here are a few of the favorites and some of the collages they offered. :).

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Look at me - Four Weeks old!

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Well it was bound to happen (puking that is..)

We couldn't be in our little bubble of never having to deal with sick kids forever..but we've done pretty good thus far.  Saturday (as mentioned in the last post) was when Keller got to be the 'lucky' one and last night it was Lucy's turn.  Both got sick multiple times over a few hours and had no compounding symptoms/signs.  A very random occurrence of the stomach flu for sure (if that is what it was...we aren't quite sure).  Anyways, as weird as this sounds, I feel its noteworthy enough.  Lucy made it to almost 2 yrs old without any kind of illness to this effect and Keller has gotten sick only 2 times ever prior to Saturday (where he got sick like 8 times!).  He is 3 1/2.  I'd say we've done pretty good.   Hopefully, this is just a small hiccup in our usual trends of health-i-ness!

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Back to MN - Round 1 - Gpa Doug post

Well, to explain this post I'll have to first do a little updating on the Randall/Keller side of our family.  My grandpa Doug (mom's dad) suffered a stroke on New Year's day.  It was a long hard day for many in our family as we weren't sure if he would survive that first initial episode, if there would be more, what damage would be done, if he'd recover, etc.  Now, 22 days later, and after almost three full weeks in the ICU, it had been decided that he would come home on hospice care.  He was transferred back to his house (across the street from my parents house) on this past Saturday and in hopes of being there when he got home, we traveled over to MN.  Unfortunately, thanks to some issues with filling prescriptions and getting some paperwork, we had to leave and head back to WI about an hour before he got home.  

While visiting we had a lot of fun seeing the rest of the family and were able to help organize some food trays to have available for visitors over the next few days.  We did have a little issue with Keller (see next post) but it ended up being a minor hiccup and both kids had fun hanging out with their second cousins - Collin, Chloe, & Isabelle.  We also got to introduce Rae to many of her extended relatives.  I'll try to be better at snapping pictures when we head back over this coming weekend. 

Auntie Ali loving on little Rae

Couldn't help but get this looks like she is rubbing her forehead thinking something along the lines of "ohh I just can't take it anymore" lol.  Not an unusual occurrence considering the chaos that can ensue at my parent's house!!

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Uncle Cullan Visits~

Broghan's oldest brother Cullan was nice enough to make the 6+ hr trek up from Chicago to come and hang out for two nights and to meet his newest niece.  While here, he helped assist me in taking the kiddos to the Eau Claire Children's Museum and went above and beyond my normal ability to engage and actually PLAYED with them there..haha.  

Here he is helping Keller build a tower of blocks/bricks.

Lucy accomplished (for the first time!) getting up to the second level of the "house" they have there! Getting so big!

Water time fun! She was soaked! haha

Keller got Uncle Cullan to chase him around the circle for quite a while..

I found Lucy trying to get water herself...

This was as close as she could was super cute!

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They LOOOVE her!

We are asked on a very frequent basis if they can hold Raegan (according to Keller..its not Rae..its RAEGAN!)  Here they are showing off their talents for taking care of baby sister.

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Raegan Photo Blast ~ 3 weeks old

I think me stating how amazed at how quickly time is flying by with her will become a common occurrence on the blog here.  So my apologies if you get annoyed with it.  But she is growing too fast..soon she'll be out of this newborn phase and big :(. I want her little! haha. Just love her too much! I know I know she'll be fun and amazing at any age...but know she is just too cute!

Sooo sweet!

Aww...a goofy grin!

Check out those teeny tiny rolls!

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Just Lucy..hanging in the tub.

Haha I wasn't kidding with the title. I just snapped her hanging out in the bath tub.  We've been taking mostly showers with her (instead of bath we did with Keller at her age) so the moments to capture her enjoying the tub are few and far to come by.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two full weeks

Time sure flies! Here is Raegan at two weeks old...loving up on dad! :)

She is already seeming bigger! Don't grow too fast little one...

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Eyes are OPEN!

The one thing that has caught me off guard about Raegan to this point is actually a blessing.  She sleeps A LOT! She is just too easy, she is quiet and calm and only makes noises when she is hungry.  But it also makes getting pictures of her eyes...and up until yesterday (for me at least) determining what COLOR her eyes are very difficult.  But in a nice lighting situation yesterday revealed to me that yes, she is a blue eyed little girl..just like her sister and brother and dad :).  (For a while..we honestly debated the possibility of her being a brown eyed child conceived from a blue eyed dad and a green eyed mom...which technically is impossible ... I believe..)