Labor Day Weekend 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

One, Two, Skip a Few....

Well well well - look who it is. Me! Let's try this again. After a full year of no posting and practically two full years of no real updates I might be in a position to start this blog up again and keep up for at least a while.

And since it's been so long and there is no real hope of filling in the gap, I'm giving myself some grace and just calling this what it is, a new beginning.

Here is a quick snapshot of where we are at starting with our smallest member:

Raegan Ruth

Can everyone even believe that this peanut is quickly approaching THREE YEARS OLD?! This momma can't. Time is going too fast with this last little one and I'm extremely thankful that she is on the petite side and staying small for me. :) She is rambunctious and opinionated, smart and sweet, and full of love for her big brother and sister. Rae certainly has the "if you can do it, so can I" attitude and we see her reaching milestones right along with Keller and Lucy. Now that the two big ones are at school in the mornings (Keller all day), I get some one-on-one time with her and am looking forward to seeing her own spirit come through more. We ended our nursing relationship at the beginning of this last summer (@ 30 months) which for many seems long but for me - after nursing Lucy to 36 months - felt early. But it was for the best and we've been able to enjoy a new type of close relationship and independence from each other all summer long. She also figured out the potty training thing this summer which has been a liberating sensation for this family (diaper free!). Just like K and L - Rae is a lover of water, swimming and splashing. She is one adventurous kid but found her limits with going fast and spinning around (i.e. tubing or the tire swings). It's always interesting to see that timid side of her come out. She is still in love with all things Frozen and assumes her role as the younger sister "Anna" with pride.

Lucy Ann

Lucy has made the major turn from toddler to kid in the past year. While she's always been a little ahead with her vocabulary and speech, she has really surprised us when she will randomly throw out those words like "consequently" or "supposedly" or "in actuality". She still has a flair for some dramatics but the emotional roller coaster with her has certainly evened out and it's been a simple joy and pleasure to watch her learn, grow, question and create. She loves loves loves to draw, color and look at books. Often times I find her perched at the kitchen table entertaining herself with a coloring book or creating a story on a page. While the drawings themselves don't make much sense to me, she has a lengthy story to go along with the swiggly lines she has drawn out. She also really enjoys dressing up, dresses, presenting shows and singing/performing for us - although she insists on being introduced and without a proper introduction, she'll refuse to go on! I was surprised and excited when she agreed to get signed up for mini-mite hockey this year but we're going forward with that and will see how it goes. She is also starting swimming lessons and continuing with her tumbling classes this year. Of course I can't leave out that she officially started school last week - 4K at the Chippewa Valley Montessori school. She has the same teachers and classroom that Keller had the last two years so the transition for her was extremely easy and smooth since she already knew what to expect and where to go. She has yet to be too interested in learning new friends names but I'm sure that will come with time. She too is still in love with Frozen, although her role is of the big sister (of course), Elsa.

Keller Resop

It's hard sometimes to acknowledge it, but this little K-man is now a Big kid! He's now onto 1st grade and loving that he isn't asked to take a nap every day at school. He also is extremely excited that we get bussing this year and he can ride the bus to and from school each day. I think the independence bug is growing in him and that is hard for me, but I also have a lot of fun watching him grow so much. He is a loving and protective big brother (most of the time) and enjoys playing with his sisters just as much as he does with his friends. And while he sometimes has a hard time remembering it all, this past summer was filled a lot of new experiences and adventures for him. He learned to water ski and was able to sleep in his very own tent when we went camping. He also experienced his first time in a summer school class and a safety-town class earlier in the summer. He's become an expert at snorkeling and is fearless at going down waterslides on his own. Oh and did I mention he has mastered both roller blading and riding his bike with no training wheels? The boy can cruise. He's also set up for a full fall and winter with flag football, swim lesson and hockey again. This year is our first experience with more than 1x per week, so it will be new for us as parents too.

Broghan James

Ok Ok, not one of the "babies" I typically write about but an update on our fearless leader is a good one. This summer was busy but also extremely fun with a LOT of travel. The two of us were able to go to Montana, Minnesota, Missouri, all around Wisconsin and even over to Michigan. Broghan last spring also headed out to North Carolina to visit his brother, sister in law and new niece and of course had his annual trip to Canada in there too. It was good he got all of that out of his system because he recently accepted a position at the local tech college as an adjust instructor teaching Advanced Anatomy and Physiology! So far he's loving it and I can tell the change of pace was a really positive change for him and our family. He's doing this on top of running and practicing at our chiropractic clinic so his schedule is certainly full for this fall too. I have no doubt that he'll add in bow hunting, gun season, and refereeing ice hockey towards the end of 2015.


So I know you're not looking at this looking for an update on me specifically, but just a quick one here. This summer was amazing and looking back all I can think that I am incredibly blessed to live this life. I traveled, skied (learned how to slalom!), swam, slept!! and spent time with incredible people. I officially started nursing school a few weeks ago and all is going well so far. I look forward to getting these courses done and moving through the program in the next 2 years. I'm not sure where we'll end up with everything but for now I'm trying to enjoy what I have, enjoy the season of my kids (we really are in a sweet spot with it) and feel the blessings God is giving me each day.

Until Next Time... (hopefully soon!!)

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